Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ahhhh eBay....

So my Eames side chair finally arrived yesterday. I told the seller to go ahead and break it down for easier shipping, BUT...

When I tried to put it all back together, one of the screws was floating loose in the box, another one was missing, and one of the two nut and bolt pieces that bolt the two chair legs together into four just will not tighten due to the rust. So it splays a bit when I sit on it...


I gave the seller positive feedback, but I did mention in the feedback that one screw was missing and one nut and bolt wouldn't work.

I let two sellers in the past slide for problems, but no more! I'm on a truth mission! Ha ha.

Meanwhile my vintage spaceman bed spread arrived folded up and mailed in one of those plastic envelopes. How they fit it in there is beyond me. But I wish sellers wouldn't send clothing or cloth material in envelopes!

I'm happy to say it will match the glass ceiling cover perfectly (fingers crossed it arrives unbroken lol). The color of the bed spread looks funky in the photo, but it turned out to be brown.

Meanwhile painting the living room is going... Slow, but going!

I can't wait to show "After" photos like so many of you have already.

My next mission is to start collecting images of mid-century artworks so I can paint my own for the walls in the living room. The idea is for that room to look "modern 1950's".

Fingers crossed I can pull it off..........


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  2. Great chair. If you haven't made friends at a good local hardware store, now's the time. They can really help. And I don't mean Home Depot. Those space items are awesome, I'm interested in seeing how your room redesign turns out. Coincidentally I just did a space race post this morning on my blog. Those were fun times.

  3. Wow--now I'm thinking about starting a collection of 50's space stuff to go with my Tom Swift Space Cadet books. That's a great excuse to spend money but I can just hear it: "You mean you had to buy that to go with a set of freakin' books?!" And then I say, "Calm down and go buy yourself a motorcycle part of something" and the world is good again. I dearly love the bedspread.

  4. Uncle Atom, we cross-posted on each others blogs! Seeing your vintage space goodies just fuels my will to spend on some of these things.

    Christine, Christine.... We MUST have groupings of themes, right? (That's what I tell myself Ha ha)

    But seriously, I try to buy by theme per room, and then by color to confine my spending habits.

    I don't always win, I got the sudden urge to buy BIG lamps after reading MaryDeluxe's blog yesterday, but I try to keep it all cohesive-looking lol....

  5. Too bad about the bolts and screws. What's wrong with the tyvex bag/envelope? A cardboard box is actually more likely to have problems (easier to puncture and will get soggy if wet). Also, a lot cheaper to ship in the tyvex bag/envelope. I usually double pack the item if I do it this way. Of course, I would have put the nuts and bolts in a zip lock bag.

  6. Hiya Rivet Head...

    Tyvex bags are fine, but, for example, in the case of a couple vintage silk dresses, when the seller folded them so tightly to fit them in the tyvex bags, they arrive with wrinkles and rumples that never came out.

    Some materials fold and bundle well, others do not. Getting it here the way I purchased it is the key to a happy sale all around.

  7. AMAZING table cloth!
    And those little spacemen...OMG my husband would looove those!

    I will say I'm totally guilty of sending things in tyvek. If its large or delicate i usually ship it in a box with lots of those fun air pillows but most of the time I use the envelopes. Thanks for the tip about the silk. I've never had a piece where the silk is so thick that it would fill up a whole bag but i'll ship my silk dresses in boxes from now on :)

  8. As a seller always try to disasemble for two reasons, to save on shipping, and to protect bulky items being broke. Any screw, bolts, finials , etc. I put in a zip lock bag and tape it to a side of the box, and then let the buyer know. You might just ask the seller next time if they can put any small pieces like this in a small zip lock so they wont get lost, they shouldnt mind.But if a bolt is rust, I try to just buy new ones before I list as they are not that expensive and it helps sell the item.In the long run it saves both the seller and buy headaches with the transaction. Just my thoughts. Love your blog !