Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ahhhh eBay....

So my Eames side chair finally arrived yesterday. I told the seller to go ahead and break it down for easier shipping, BUT...

When I tried to put it all back together, one of the screws was floating loose in the box, another one was missing, and one of the two nut and bolt pieces that bolt the two chair legs together into four just will not tighten due to the rust. So it splays a bit when I sit on it...


I gave the seller positive feedback, but I did mention in the feedback that one screw was missing and one nut and bolt wouldn't work.

I let two sellers in the past slide for problems, but no more! I'm on a truth mission! Ha ha.

Meanwhile my vintage spaceman bed spread arrived folded up and mailed in one of those plastic envelopes. How they fit it in there is beyond me. But I wish sellers wouldn't send clothing or cloth material in envelopes!

I'm happy to say it will match the glass ceiling cover perfectly (fingers crossed it arrives unbroken lol). The color of the bed spread looks funky in the photo, but it turned out to be brown.

Meanwhile painting the living room is going... Slow, but going!

I can't wait to show "After" photos like so many of you have already.

My next mission is to start collecting images of mid-century artworks so I can paint my own for the walls in the living room. The idea is for that room to look "modern 1950's".

Fingers crossed I can pull it off..........