Thursday, April 29, 2010

Award Time Bloggers! Thank You VeggieMama!

Thank you VeggieMama for the award!

Here is the deal:

Rules for the award:

1. Put the logo within your post
2. Pass it on to at least 12 bloggers
3. Link the nominees within your post
4. Let the nominees know they have received the award
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award :)

OK, give me a minute to select 12 people to pass this on to.

IF I do NOT select your blog, DON'T worry! I planned on creating some awards for all my wonderful blog friends a week ago! I even found images to use to make the awards.

Now, on to the 12 in NO particular order:

1. ZootsuitMama

2. Pretty Little Things

3. Chickens in the Basement

4. MoonDoggie

5. Va-Voom Vintage

6. Storybook Ranch

7. Noteworthy Musings


9. I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage

10. Straight Talking Mama

11. Uncle Atom


13. Everyone Goes to Mick's

Please do NOT feel bad if I did not mention you, as I said, I will be awarding everyone because I love all of your blogs!

(I usually don't get included in these so I know how it feels lol)

Yikes I don't have time right now to link all the names to the blogs, but these are all in my blogroll located to the right.

Thanks again VeggieMama!

And a footnote: I know someone gave me an award a few months ago and I lost the image! If I see it on another blog again, I will post it. Thanks again!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Hump Day

The Philco Predicta TV sold for $730 + $125 s/h. Not bad considering the reproduction models probably cost as much or more. I still have no clue because they don't tell you on any of their websites.

And because I am realizing I need BIG lamps for my BIG living room rather than the several pair of bedside sized lamps I already have I debated and debated over this pair of majestic lamp shades in hopes of buying the bases at a later date...

But I chickened out and they sold for just over $100 each, $200 for the pair.

Not bad, all things considered, but then I'd have to wait and wait for a pair of Majestic lamp bases to come up for auction.

Sometimes accumulating the "right" stuff ain't easy lol.

I have my eye on this pair of lamps BUT the shades are brown. I don't have brown in any of the rooms as a dominant color.

They are selling them separately which sucks (man and woman) and yet try though I might, I just can't think of how I'd incorporate them into any of my rooms with that brown shade. But I do like them.

Did I say how hard it is to collect the "right" stuff?

And I still have my eye on a repro Calder mobile for the living room.

The colors are perfect, but at $120, not exactly cheap!

Still, it would be perfect and save me the trouble of trying to make one......

Hope you all are having a great day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It Could Only Happen To Me

I bought this mint in box pink Sunbeam kitchen wall clock for my birthday, back in January.

Ever since, it's been sitting on a chair, waiting for me to paint the kitchen walls first so it can be proudly displayed.

But the other day as I was moving things to paint the living room, I picked it up and saw something inside the clear plastic cover at the bottom.

(Slot indicated by arrow)

I looked closer, and to my huge dismay, somehow a small, dark bug had crawled inside one of the teeny, tiny assembly slots and died. UGH!!

(This is a simulation, there is NO way I am going to photograph the actual, ugly thing!)

This could ONLY happen to me!

I shook it, trying to get it back out the same way, but noooooooo, there is no way that ugh bug is coming out. =(

There is no way to remove the clear plastic cover, it's assembled in such a way that it's not meant to come back off.

Waaaaaaa!! This could only happen to me. =(

**EDIT and oh geez, what did I do with the original box? Did I accidentally throw it out with other packing boxes? UGH!!

Put me out of my misery.... I think I did throw out the box by accident.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Vintage Gods, Please....

Dear Vintage Gods, please give me this awesome 1950's Philco Predicta TV.

It's been beautifully reconditioned and all the inner workings are better than new.

I promise to be good the rest of the year if you just bring this to my door. Thank you!

One day to go, auction currently at $325.

Or should I simply buy it myself? lol... But I have a 1950's TV already. But it's not THIS cool...

Mid Century 1950's Original Era Artworks

I started collecting images of Mid-Century artwork photos from eBay and on the web to give me some ideas about painting my own artworks for my living room.

I chose abstracts that are rather easy to recreate, even for those of you who may not have much art experience. I hope these inspire you to try and paint your own too!!

Do you know of any websites that feature mid-century art? If so, let me know!

Also any contemporary artists who do Eames/1950's style art?.

Will keep updating this post!

It doesn't take much to recreate many of these more abstract artworks, so maybe you'd like to try some yourself!

Here are a few more additions:

This one (above) is supposed to have been done by Victor Hugo, Andy Warhols life partner, when he was 12. Very cool!

This one (above) had two sides to it. This is the back and the better artwork.

Contemporary sculpture (above) I love the work but it's far too costly for me!

Like this, but I think I'd change the colors some what.

Colors are a bit dark, but I like the style (above)

Contemporary artist (above)

And if all else fails, a collage is simple to do! (Above)

Or a mix of paint and collage. (Above).

Ha ha I found an older post on my own blog via google of a couple artworks I like. This rug (Above) caught my eye a long time ago. Would make a good painting design.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vintage 1957 Space Race Card Game

OK, so I got them anyways, even though I said I wouldn't in my post less than an hour ago.

BUT they are the same design as a set of four vintage space posters I intended on buying a week or two ago.

I edited the photo, so they are not as yellow as this. I had to bump up the brightness and contrast to show them better.


I have a thing for Sputnik. If I can figure out my printer I can photograph these and make my own posters. The seller of the posters mentioned above never replied to my email asking about their size anyways.

You snooze you lose!

Love the vintage space race items. Have my eye on a couple other choice things.

Starburst Thermometer Arrives... Finally...

It's small! Maybe the person holding it in the photo has freakishly small midget hands? Strange. The auction gave the size, showed the photo of the lady holding it, but it sure does look smaller in person!

Ahh well, it will still cover up the small hole in the wall where the thermostat used to be (until I can get that going again somewhere down the line) and even small, it looks wonderful.

Have my eye on a vintage space card game set ending any minute now, but I keep telling myself to get "fewer bigger" items rather than a lot of smaller items. It's tough to let some of these things pass by! I want everything!

But even as cool as it is, a set of cards? The graphics are fantastic, but do what with them? Frame them? Ugh...

Do you have this kind of problem, tormenting yourself over each potential purchase, or is it my half-Jewish half-Catholic (at twice the guilt) upbringing? Arg! Oy vey! Hail Mary!

Well, happy Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

If You Had A Magic Wand...

OK, all I have been doing is slowly painting my living room and sweating over my choice of color. So it helped me to see a photo of a retro interior using dark walls. This is one of my wishes, that it turns out this good. And these are the colors I plan on using. (well, more gray rather than the white, but black and red accents).

And because the topic of watching paint dry is so painfully boring, let me ask all of you a question...

If you had a magic wand and could wave it, what would YOU have?

Would your home be designed a certain way?

Would you want something vintage in particular?

Would you go back in time to another era as it is, or would you want some modern conveniences to take with you?

Share your vintage fantasies!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So... When Do YOU Start To Make A Fuss?

OK, I bought and paid for these two items back on April 7th. They still are not here. 13 days later.

I want my vintage goodies! lol...

The starburst thermometer is coming from Canada, so I'd give that a few more days.

But how soon do YOU start emailing the seller to ask where your item is?

I've waited two weeks only to have a seller "forget" to have sent the item out yet, and others that arrive the next day.

What say you, good blogger folks?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Atomic Ranch Lady Claws Her Eyes Out

OK, I ALMOST clawed my eyes out when I missed the ending time of yet another screaming deal auction on a super fine Eames chair, perfect for my desk in the Maser bedroom that sold for only $19. I'd show you a photo of it, but I was so upset I deleted the auction as soon as I realized I had missed it by minutes.

And while I was kicking my own rump and wishing a pox on myself I realized too late there were a couple other auctions ending just after the chair auction. Yup, missed those too. *rolls eyes*

I pride myself on being able to remember a billion inconsequential details of all the clients I speak to via my businesses, and this morning I mistook one client with the same name for another, so I go on to ask if he had been to his friends' daughters bat mitzvah and blah blah... Turns out it was the WRONG freakin' client. Ugh!! Duh!

Sooooo when I won this awesome large warm colored two tiered vintage fiberglass lampshade like I have been looking for since last year at a steal for $12, it just about made up for the cruddy day I'd been having so far!

Thank goodness for the good deals on eBay, and reading all your blogs to keep me sane!

Painting in the living room is progressing still, but ho hum I want it to be done already! Curse this old lady body of mine and it's aches and pains lol...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Speaking of Lamps and Accessories

I love these modern creations made by this website here. They sell reproduction fiberglass lampshades and more. They even make repro Majestic S shape lamps.

And I ADORE these atomic finials you add to your vintage lamp tops.

Looks super cool.

BUT they cost $50.

$50! For a finial for a lamp?

Sheesh. With s/h they are about $60, and that's too much for me to pay for such a small addition for my lamps.

Sometimes I feel like folks just charge way too much for some of these things. My opinion only.

When I have the time, I am going to look into making something similar for my own vintage atomic lamps.

It can't be that difficult. Sturdy wire with metal balls and a ring at the base. Or wire and wood balls painted black.

Will do a future post on my experiment and see if I can't come up with something both do-able and affordable we can all recreate ourselves, because there is no doubting, these are way cool!

Do you have any ideas about recreating something like this? if you do, please share!