Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Starburst Clocks

Both arrived, this one (above) yesterday and I am thrilled with both of them! It only took me almost two years to find the one's I wanted at prices that were not outrageous.

This one (above) didn't keep the right time at first, and my heart sank as I thought I had paid $100 for a clock that wouldn't work, but after adjusting the minute hand once and letting her go all night, she's about 3 minutes off. Close enough!

One thing I forgot about some of these older electric things are the noises the little motors and gears make. I love the sound. It's not loud, but it does have it's own little voice.

Will post more family pics, and get into the family gossip later today, but I wanted to let Pixie's giveaway post stand for a day to give her a chance to "be seen."

Something else very interesting developing: My best friend has been contacted by another friend he knew back in Brooklyn, back in junior high and high school. This particular person happens to be a "somebody" now. A controversial political speaker who had many videos on youtube featuring the lectures and interviews and debates he's done over his lifetime. Or at least the last 25+ years. He has a new movie out, and has written several controversial books.

I find it terribly fascinating, and will give more details with permission of my friend. Do I care about the politics? Hell no! lol... But the dynamic between this outspoken political speaker seen in his interviews and what my friend says about him is intriguing as all get out. Wish I could say more!