Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Small Vintage Hardback Books

Has it been almost a week since I posted?! Yikes... And hovering at 199 followers. I had 199, then it went to 198 ha ha, now back to 199. Thank you all who have taken the time to click and follow my blog!

Inspired once again by Vintage Christine, and because I need to make a post and have so much other stuff going on I had to rip off another idea pf hers lol, I wanted to post about these 7 small hardback or hardcover books my Mom had. I think the smallest is about 5 inches, the tallest 7 inches. I love them because they are so small and adorable!

I was always charmed by small or miniature books as a child, so it's no wonder why Mom had these too.

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(^^^I can't seem to get rid of that, whatever it is, sorry)

Probably the most interesting is this old Palmistry book I found in the shed with some of her and Dads other stuff.

Several pages have old flower blossoms pressed inside.

It's simply charming! Do any of you have small books such as these? I don't recall ever seeing anyone collect these or at least mention them.