Monday, March 1, 2010

Pixies Ponderings is Having a Giveaway

Pixie is giving away this sweet necklace! Congrats Pixie on your 100+ followers, go check it out and enter to win HERE.

I will post more family photos to follow, but they are are going over like a wet blanket so far LOL!!


  1. Girlfriend, as you and I well know, you can't please everyone out there in blogland. I think most of your followers are here to see all your cool retro stuff, but as for me, I LOVE seeing your family photos so please keep showing them to us. Posting your family photos and history is something you are doing for yourself (and me!!!).

  2. =D

    Yes, selfishly for myself, because I know how easy it is to lose family history, and know a friend who's house and all that contained in it burned down, and I have no other sources to get these from should something happen.

  3. I like seeing personal lives intermixed with blogs. For me, that's what blogging is all about, getting to know the person on the other end.

    I recently read a blog about what people want/don't want in blogs they visit, and the majority nixed the personal stuff. They want pretty pictures and little words. I think that's sad. That disconnects us even more from people.

    Ah well. You do what you need to do with your blog. I think keeping track of family stuff is a great idea, and I wish I had more of my own family history to record in that way.

  4. I also enjoy seeing your family pics and posts. I really loved seeing your dads band pics.