Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Mid-Century Additions

Whoo hoo, so I didn't get that other vintage Atomic lamp, but I did get this one... For a song! Now to rewire my other Atomic cone lamp so it works again.

1950's pink bathroom scale complete with gold glitter.

1950's pink ice crusher.

And a chartreuse boomerang ashtray on a wire stand to match one I have exactly like this, and a similar black boomerang ashtray on a wire stand.

And these all sold for cheap! The can opener from the day before (see prior post) was the most expensive at $22, these were all less!

Retail therapy, it really works. =)


  1. Oh wow. Those things are awesome! And, in such great shape, too!

  2. I want one of those ashtrays in turquoise SO BAD! but I can never find them :( and that yellow one is to DA-DA-DIE FOR! :)

  3. cn you see me green with envy over that lamp? I hope so. What an awesome selection of goodies!

  4. Ooo, I have that exact same ice crusher in my color of choice, AVOCADO! I think I paid a buck for it, neener neener (although since it's green you probably don't care anyway). My husband just fixed the cord on my carnival horse clock so I'm gonna plug that puppy in and pretend I'm Dale Evans. Yeeee-ha!

  5. Christine:
    I paid $0.99 for this one on eBay! (s/h, too, of course lol)...

    Going to take the bottom off that other cone lamp and see what's going on. Hope I can fix it...

    Mick you can get a good turquoise repro boomerang on wire stand ashtray on eBay. I'm looking at a pink one myself. =)

  6. Awesome finds, wowowowowowow!

  7. LOVE the lamp! I have a very similar ice crusher in red & cream, so cool!

  8. Oh my GOODNESS I love the bathroom scales! I'm pink with envy...