Monday, March 15, 2010

The Jewish Mother-In-Law - Oy vey!

I haven't been lazy about blogging lately, I have been tearing my hair out, and spending far too much time trying to figure out how to use iMovie '09 lol... More on that at the end of this post.

My Jewish Grandmother. Dad's Mom. Oy vey! Let's talk about her.

First of all, love my jewish friends and such. Oy gevalt, I'm a half-jew, so how can I not? Please don't take my jokes or stereotypes personally. I joke all the time with my non-practicing jewish best friend who lives in New Jersey. A son of Holocaust survivors, he makes jewish jokes all the time lol.

But my jewish grandmother was such a stereotype!

First of all, lets discuss the first photo. OK, it's my Dad and his Mom sitting in his lap. Ummm, yeah. She was one of those typical New York jews who felt NO women would ever be good enough for her son, my Dad. Taken in Washington D.C. about the time Dad graduated from High School, about 1938-39.

Her wedding photo, taken in 1919. Wow my Grandfather looks so much like Dad did. Well, that is until Grandfather took off about the time Dad was 9 years old. What became of him, who knows. But from what I heard about my Grandmother, it's difficult to blame the guy. She doesn't exactly look like a blushing bride, does she. Yikes!

Dad on his graduation day from the University of Maryland. Or is that Maryland University? Hmmm I guess this was taken about the mid-1940s?

Now see what I mean? Grandmother has decided my Dad should take a photo of her wearing his graduation robe. Huh? Would your Mom dress up in your graduation robe and want a photo of her in it?

My beautiful Mother and the jewish Mother-in-law. Grandma does NOT look happy in this photo.

She hated my Mom. For her son to marry, much less a goyim (non-jew) was unthinkable.

One story Mom tells me, is Grandma would invite them over to dinner at her house all the time. This was either just before or after they got married in 1947. At any rate, Grandma has the table all laid out, and brings out some fresh strawberries for dessert.

Grandma sets down a bowl of strawberries in front of my Mom, and very carefully laid on top was one big, moldy strawberry. Grandma sits down, Mom looks at the moldy strawberry, obviously laid out like that on purpose, and Grandma asks: "So, how do you like your strawberries?"

Uhhhh, very nice.

Another story:
Mom and Dad went to quite a few parties also attended by Grandma, because she was always up in Dads business all the time. In fact she dominated his life, there is no other way to put it.

So at one party, and after several years of Grandma being a complete and utter miserable witch to Mom, who was pleasant with the old lady despite her being nasty to Mom all the time, and after everyone having been fueled by a few cocktails, Mom went over and literally kicked Grandma in the ass.

Mom was seeing a Psychiatrist at the time, trying very hard to keep the marriage intact thanks in large part to the jewish mother-in-law, and when she told the Psychiatrist what she had done, the Psychiatrist told her: "You should have done that a long time ago."

Ha ha ha!!

The mother-in-laws, Moms Mom on the left with the dolls, the jewish grandmother on the right.

So Mom and Dad moved away from the east coast because back in the mid-1940's the fact that they married at all was a huge scandal. A jew marrying a goy was like a white marrying a black in the south in the 1950's. You just didn't do that. Mom's family viewed her marriage to Dad as equivalent to marrying a man of color, and Dads Mom felt the same way. And both families were very prejudiced against the other.

They stuck it out for 10-12 years on the east coast, then beat a hasty retreat out here to California. Thank goodness!

OK, this is enough family dirt for now. Thank you for letting me indulge in some of the family stuff and post photos, because you never know when your computer may crash or your house burn down and you lose them all. I will post more on occasion, mostly for myself.

And I may yet make a post about the fascinating individual I have met recently, and the reason I am learning iMovie in the next post. It has nothing to do with vintage anything, but segways from one jewish controversy into another!