Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eames Pillow Cases and Progress on the House!

Uh oh.

Much like my friend Vintage Christine over at I'm Not Old I'm Vintage, I fell upon this auction at the last minute, bid and won, and once I took the photo and imported it into photoshop to really look at them, that's when I noticed what looks like a yellowed center on each of these pillow cases. The description didn't say anything about yellowing, and the photos were darker and had less contrast.


At any rate, the pink Sunbeam can opener arrived, And it works, it really works! It's been years since my family had the original pink electric can opener, and just like that one, this one makes a distinct sound. I love it! I think I have been using a hand-crank opener for *cough* more years than I care to admit.

And I finally made it to Home Depot, and picked up paint supplies and two gallons of paint for the living room. Finally!! Geez!

I have anguished over what color to use for waaaay too long, so finally I just marched up there, angry at myself for not being able to decide, and bought two gallons of dark gray.

The original color of the living room was a light gray with darker trim, but I painted my art Studio (I converted my large garage several years ago) with a medium gray and dark gray trim, and I was always sorry I didn't paint the walls the darker color.

I'm still not convinced it's the right color, but the Studio has all black furniture and a few red accents, and it looks incredible. I'm hoping for the same results in the living room. I want it to be dramatic and trending on the masculine side. I like to have a balance of masculine/dramatic styled rooms and more feminine rooms.

And if I hate, it, I can always repaint it. =)

The first disk of Mad Men season 3 arrived today.

I couldn't wait until this evening so I watched the first three episodes. I was a little disappointed. It seemed to lack something... So far. And the redhead bombshell, I forget her name. Has she put on a lot more weight? She looks like it, but worse, the whole show acts like it. Her character seems to have changed and she doesn't have the sexy edge she used to.

Don't get me wrong, I think women are sexy at any size, but it's her demeanor as well. Not the same. Nor is the show portraying her as such.

At any rate, I was so glad to be able to catch up on season 3 regardless!