Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1950's Atomic Space Bedspread

Whoo hoo, my office/bedroom #2 finally has a theme!

I haven't been able to decide on what theme to put in here for the longest time. Vintage space? Vintage Cowboy? Vintage Tiki? Vintage Asian? Mad Men? Something else?

It's been bugging me.

I wanted a somewhat masculine theme in here (to balance out the more feminine rooms) and when I saw this vintage space themed bedspread, AND when I snagged it for the opening bid, I knew my decision had finally come lol...

Not sure exactly what color this is... Looks brown. But no matter, walls will be a lighter turquoise color, and if it's brown, turquoise and brown curtains will be much easier to find than some of the other themes I considered.

I've noticed many vintage space things on eBay are very affordable, so converting it to a vintage space theme will be a breeze. I already have another patchwork quilt which has rockets as part of the design.

*whew* it's a relief to get this issue settled. I bet you don't have this much trouble deciding!


  1. The rocket ship design is going to be fun. Now you get to shop to fill the empty spaces. I've seen lots of vintage rocket stuff on e-bay. Enjoy the process!

  2. I like it! Are you going to use it on the bed or make it the curtains themselves?

  3. Yes, now to rid the room of the tentative Asian stuff I already had, and get a few Vintage Space thingies...

    I tried to resist it for over 2 years... I tried!

    I think I'll keep this as a bed spread Mz Amber =D

    Just bought a pair of Atomic pillow cases that are just the right color. Have been on the look out for curtains.

  4. Love the bedspread. Just perfect!

  5. you are Just the Ebay queen! haha every time I turn around your snaging this our winning that, If i could just get a drama face tv lamp my ebay days would be over!lol

  6. There is no good vintage stuff to be found in Thrift stores or yard sales around here like in other states. I have to shop eBay lol...

    And you can't beat the selection. =)

  7. Awesome!!! I love brown and turquoise together.

  8. Very cool. You'll have to trade some of your Asian, or sell. That's what I have in my living room...we call it the Opium Den!

  9. Great find! And a really fun theme.
    -D from Rancho Tostado