Wednesday, March 10, 2010

200+ Followers - Thank You!

Over 200 followers!

I wanted to take a moment to thank each person who took the time to click on my "Follow" link. I have tried to join each persons' blog in return (if you have one) because I think it's only fair and as a courtesy.

Quick story: I went through someone's extensive vintage blog list about 6-8 months ago and literally joined about 100 blogs.

Number of people who reciprocated?

About 6 people. Really.

Ouch. Ha ha ha.

I am trying to get a longer 'blog roll' going so I can see more of your blog updates as they happen. I really enjoy seeing your photos and reading about your lives, the funny stuff, the sad stuff, the human stuff.

And what a wonderful way to see how others express their joy of Vintage and mid-century passions! You all are, always an inspiration to me.

I had a friend over last night for a short visit. He hasn't been over here in at least a year, maybe two. And while my house is no where near as "done" as Nick's or Mary's, I'd hoped he'd be somewhat impressed by my mid-century tables and lamps and clocks and boomerang ashtrays on tripods and Sputnik barometers and such. He's in his mid-60's, so he grew up with all things 1950's.

Well guess what he said?

Hardly a word.

Where is my laughing face smilie?


Ah well, it means I must strive to make more progress and attempt to pull it all together by next year, fingers crossed.

At any rate, I will also strive to keep the posts here at least somewhat interesting and topic-related!

Once again, a sincere thank you!