Monday, March 22, 2010

1950's Pink Sunbeam Can Opener

Now the proud owner of...

It looks like the one we used to have, but on a pink "stand." The one we had hung from a bracket on the side of the kitchen cabinet, but the chances of me ever finding one like that are slim to none, so might as well get something in the meantime.

I hope it cleans up a little bit, but, nothing like honest wear.

I also hope it really works, because I have been going through new, hand-crank can openers like crazy. They work for about 10-15 cans and then stop working. Literally!

So we'll see if Sunbeam makes a lasting product. Will go great with my pink Sunbeam Mixmaster, which is right where the can opener goes, on my pink kitchen counter.

Ahhh retail therapy makes the blues go away. =)


  1. It looks particularly fantastic against the pink blog background!

  2. It also goes swell with your blog background! I'm on the lookout for an avocado can opener--sometimes I do find them but they're so disgustingly dirty that I can't bring myself to get them. I mean, didn't people ever clean their can openers??? I have a couple of Mom's recipe index cards and they stipulate that you put everything in the Mixmaster for blending--I love that. Hey! Any chance of you getting to Mick's in June--I'm definitely planning to go and hope to see meet of my bloggy friends.

  3. Yeah, not thrilled about what looks like the condition of this can opener, hoping it will clean up really good......

    Oh I'd LOVE to go to Micks! Now I ferget where he lives lol... *blush*

    I'll go over to hid blog and see if I can figure it out, or just ask him. =)

  4. Fantastic can opener! I have a 1940's hadn crank one that im pretty sure will last forever haha. I live in Texas, and I REALLY HOPE that doesnt stop you from comming to "As Time Goes By" its going to be an Event you wont want to miss! email me at and we'll work things out! :)

  5. That's pretty funky looking. I hope it works for you!

    I use the hand crank type, and I know what you mean about them giving up after not much use. Good exercise though. lol

  6. Gorgeous can opener! I really hope it works, too!

  7. Oh I love vintage kitchen gadgets! I got a book about junk last weekend, they mentioned & pictured a store in San Fransisco called Cookin' they showed shelves fulla vintage kitchen ware. How cool!

  8. Have I posted a photo showing my collection of small chrome kitchen appliances? lol, I love them. =)