Thursday, March 25, 2010

1950's Eames Mid-Century Side Chair

Whoo hoo, only cost me $10! On eBay! $20 s/h, it's perfect. I need two chairs for the master bedroom. One for the desk, one for the built-in vanity. I want the design in there to be a bit more 1950's "modern" so this is exactly right. I'll get a little scrolly vanity bench for the vanity, but the desk needs this. I'm thrilled!

I will do the "10th photo" post tomorrow. Mz Chickens is having a, what do you call it? "Tagged"? Where you all have to post what the 10th photo on your camera is, and what the photo is about. Can't wait!

Go to her blog and check it out, then do your own "What is the 10th photo on your digital camera" post on your blog!