Thursday, March 25, 2010

1950's Eames Mid-Century Side Chair

Whoo hoo, only cost me $10! On eBay! $20 s/h, it's perfect. I need two chairs for the master bedroom. One for the desk, one for the built-in vanity. I want the design in there to be a bit more 1950's "modern" so this is exactly right. I'll get a little scrolly vanity bench for the vanity, but the desk needs this. I'm thrilled!

I will do the "10th photo" post tomorrow. Mz Chickens is having a, what do you call it? "Tagged"? Where you all have to post what the 10th photo on your camera is, and what the photo is about. Can't wait!

Go to her blog and check it out, then do your own "What is the 10th photo on your digital camera" post on your blog!


  1. Love the chair! I bet your house is like walking into a 1950's museum! I'll check back for your photo!

  2. Cool chair!

    I couldn't find an email to contact you at, so figured I'd answer your question about block printing here.

    Yes, it's actually a thin layer of linoleum adhered to wood. Linoleum can also be purchased unmounted, but I'm not that confident in my carving.

    There are a few tools needed for the actual carving/printing, but they're fairly inexpensive.

    The class was worthwhile. I've carved soft erasers before, but linoleum is quite different.

    You might google for some tutorials, though a couple of the ones I saw were pretty involved. This can be an involved craft, but I think it can also be laid back. Depends on what a person wants from their designs I guess.

    If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer if I can.

  3. Thanks, Carole! I responded on your blog. =)

  4. classic chair, i love the design...

  5. Love it! So simple and awesome... love the black frame, and that pattern!

  6. Oh my Gosh do I love your blog! All the things you find and do to your house is amazing. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is very encouraging. We "Vintage" girls need to stick together! LOL!