Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1950's Atomic Space Bedspread

Whoo hoo, my office/bedroom #2 finally has a theme!

I haven't been able to decide on what theme to put in here for the longest time. Vintage space? Vintage Cowboy? Vintage Tiki? Vintage Asian? Mad Men? Something else?

It's been bugging me.

I wanted a somewhat masculine theme in here (to balance out the more feminine rooms) and when I saw this vintage space themed bedspread, AND when I snagged it for the opening bid, I knew my decision had finally come lol...

Not sure exactly what color this is... Looks brown. But no matter, walls will be a lighter turquoise color, and if it's brown, turquoise and brown curtains will be much easier to find than some of the other themes I considered.

I've noticed many vintage space things on eBay are very affordable, so converting it to a vintage space theme will be a breeze. I already have another patchwork quilt which has rockets as part of the design.

*whew* it's a relief to get this issue settled. I bet you don't have this much trouble deciding!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

1950's Eames Mid-Century Side Chair

Whoo hoo, only cost me $10! On eBay! $20 s/h, it's perfect. I need two chairs for the master bedroom. One for the desk, one for the built-in vanity. I want the design in there to be a bit more 1950's "modern" so this is exactly right. I'll get a little scrolly vanity bench for the vanity, but the desk needs this. I'm thrilled!

I will do the "10th photo" post tomorrow. Mz Chickens is having a, what do you call it? "Tagged"? Where you all have to post what the 10th photo on your camera is, and what the photo is about. Can't wait!

Go to her blog and check it out, then do your own "What is the 10th photo on your digital camera" post on your blog!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eames Pillow Cases and Progress on the House!

Uh oh.

Much like my friend Vintage Christine over at I'm Not Old I'm Vintage, I fell upon this auction at the last minute, bid and won, and once I took the photo and imported it into photoshop to really look at them, that's when I noticed what looks like a yellowed center on each of these pillow cases. The description didn't say anything about yellowing, and the photos were darker and had less contrast.


At any rate, the pink Sunbeam can opener arrived, And it works, it really works! It's been years since my family had the original pink electric can opener, and just like that one, this one makes a distinct sound. I love it! I think I have been using a hand-crank opener for *cough* more years than I care to admit.

And I finally made it to Home Depot, and picked up paint supplies and two gallons of paint for the living room. Finally!! Geez!

I have anguished over what color to use for waaaay too long, so finally I just marched up there, angry at myself for not being able to decide, and bought two gallons of dark gray.

The original color of the living room was a light gray with darker trim, but I painted my art Studio (I converted my large garage several years ago) with a medium gray and dark gray trim, and I was always sorry I didn't paint the walls the darker color.

I'm still not convinced it's the right color, but the Studio has all black furniture and a few red accents, and it looks incredible. I'm hoping for the same results in the living room. I want it to be dramatic and trending on the masculine side. I like to have a balance of masculine/dramatic styled rooms and more feminine rooms.

And if I hate, it, I can always repaint it. =)

The first disk of Mad Men season 3 arrived today.

I couldn't wait until this evening so I watched the first three episodes. I was a little disappointed. It seemed to lack something... So far. And the redhead bombshell, I forget her name. Has she put on a lot more weight? She looks like it, but worse, the whole show acts like it. Her character seems to have changed and she doesn't have the sexy edge she used to.

Don't get me wrong, I think women are sexy at any size, but it's her demeanor as well. Not the same. Nor is the show portraying her as such.

At any rate, I was so glad to be able to catch up on season 3 regardless!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Mid-Century Additions

Whoo hoo, so I didn't get that other vintage Atomic lamp, but I did get this one... For a song! Now to rewire my other Atomic cone lamp so it works again.

1950's pink bathroom scale complete with gold glitter.

1950's pink ice crusher.

And a chartreuse boomerang ashtray on a wire stand to match one I have exactly like this, and a similar black boomerang ashtray on a wire stand.

And these all sold for cheap! The can opener from the day before (see prior post) was the most expensive at $22, these were all less!

Retail therapy, it really works. =)

Monday, March 22, 2010

1950's Pink Sunbeam Can Opener

Now the proud owner of...

It looks like the one we used to have, but on a pink "stand." The one we had hung from a bracket on the side of the kitchen cabinet, but the chances of me ever finding one like that are slim to none, so might as well get something in the meantime.

I hope it cleans up a little bit, but, nothing like honest wear.

I also hope it really works, because I have been going through new, hand-crank can openers like crazy. They work for about 10-15 cans and then stop working. Literally!

So we'll see if Sunbeam makes a lasting product. Will go great with my pink Sunbeam Mixmaster, which is right where the can opener goes, on my pink kitchen counter.

Ahhh retail therapy makes the blues go away. =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grrrr Why, WHY?

Why WHY do these sweet atomic lamps sell for nearly $100? *rolling eyes* It's not fair! *stomps foot*

Not even a two tiered lampshade *grump* Not even very big!

I let this one pass when it got up to $76.

Ahh well, on the lookout for more lamps since I have a real "thing" for them. What I really need to do is get a larger pair for the living room. The smaller lamps I have look, well, small.

And a tension pole lamp.

We used to have a set of tension pole book shelves that matched a smaller table I still have, but that went the way of so many of our mid-century goodies. We kids were very hard on things growing up lol...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pink Bullet Planter

Damn. Sold on eBay for only $20.


These babies usually go for over $100. And I missed out on the bid.

I was sure it would sell for much more, so I didn't really pay attention. All the other bullet planters do.

And why DO these bullet planters sell for so much money? It's one of those things I don't quite understand.

Starburst clocks I can sort of understand (though one can only have so many clocks in a home, so I don't get why those always sell for well over $100), atomic print barkcloth, I can understand, but a planter? I don't get the popularity of these. UNLESS some book or magazine on 1950's interior design did a big spread on them and now everyone decided they MUST have one.

At any rate, the pink would have gone in the kitchen or master bed room, and where do I have space for a planter anyways?


Friday, March 19, 2010

New Blog Logo and The Blues

You know you don't have much to say when your post is about your latest blog logo!

In a bit of a funk. And I don't want my funk to spread like a cootie hee hee, so I will spare the long details.

The neighbor in the back got our adjoining fence finished, finally, so that's progress. But the back yard still needs to be roto-tilled and seeded for a lawn. And I'm not anxious to schedule that.

Work is more and more of a struggle. Work more, earn less. Going through a bit of a burn-out there.

So, it's the mundane things getting me down a bit.

The hi-lite of my day today will be grocery shopping. Calgon, take me away!

What do you do when you get blue?

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Jewish Mother-In-Law - Oy vey!

I haven't been lazy about blogging lately, I have been tearing my hair out, and spending far too much time trying to figure out how to use iMovie '09 lol... More on that at the end of this post.

My Jewish Grandmother. Dad's Mom. Oy vey! Let's talk about her.

First of all, love my jewish friends and such. Oy gevalt, I'm a half-jew, so how can I not? Please don't take my jokes or stereotypes personally. I joke all the time with my non-practicing jewish best friend who lives in New Jersey. A son of Holocaust survivors, he makes jewish jokes all the time lol.

But my jewish grandmother was such a stereotype!

First of all, lets discuss the first photo. OK, it's my Dad and his Mom sitting in his lap. Ummm, yeah. She was one of those typical New York jews who felt NO women would ever be good enough for her son, my Dad. Taken in Washington D.C. about the time Dad graduated from High School, about 1938-39.

Her wedding photo, taken in 1919. Wow my Grandfather looks so much like Dad did. Well, that is until Grandfather took off about the time Dad was 9 years old. What became of him, who knows. But from what I heard about my Grandmother, it's difficult to blame the guy. She doesn't exactly look like a blushing bride, does she. Yikes!

Dad on his graduation day from the University of Maryland. Or is that Maryland University? Hmmm I guess this was taken about the mid-1940s?

Now see what I mean? Grandmother has decided my Dad should take a photo of her wearing his graduation robe. Huh? Would your Mom dress up in your graduation robe and want a photo of her in it?

My beautiful Mother and the jewish Mother-in-law. Grandma does NOT look happy in this photo.

She hated my Mom. For her son to marry, much less a goyim (non-jew) was unthinkable.

One story Mom tells me, is Grandma would invite them over to dinner at her house all the time. This was either just before or after they got married in 1947. At any rate, Grandma has the table all laid out, and brings out some fresh strawberries for dessert.

Grandma sets down a bowl of strawberries in front of my Mom, and very carefully laid on top was one big, moldy strawberry. Grandma sits down, Mom looks at the moldy strawberry, obviously laid out like that on purpose, and Grandma asks: "So, how do you like your strawberries?"

Uhhhh, very nice.

Another story:
Mom and Dad went to quite a few parties also attended by Grandma, because she was always up in Dads business all the time. In fact she dominated his life, there is no other way to put it.

So at one party, and after several years of Grandma being a complete and utter miserable witch to Mom, who was pleasant with the old lady despite her being nasty to Mom all the time, and after everyone having been fueled by a few cocktails, Mom went over and literally kicked Grandma in the ass.

Mom was seeing a Psychiatrist at the time, trying very hard to keep the marriage intact thanks in large part to the jewish mother-in-law, and when she told the Psychiatrist what she had done, the Psychiatrist told her: "You should have done that a long time ago."

Ha ha ha!!

The mother-in-laws, Moms Mom on the left with the dolls, the jewish grandmother on the right.

So Mom and Dad moved away from the east coast because back in the mid-1940's the fact that they married at all was a huge scandal. A jew marrying a goy was like a white marrying a black in the south in the 1950's. You just didn't do that. Mom's family viewed her marriage to Dad as equivalent to marrying a man of color, and Dads Mom felt the same way. And both families were very prejudiced against the other.

They stuck it out for 10-12 years on the east coast, then beat a hasty retreat out here to California. Thank goodness!

OK, this is enough family dirt for now. Thank you for letting me indulge in some of the family stuff and post photos, because you never know when your computer may crash or your house burn down and you lose them all. I will post more on occasion, mostly for myself.

And I may yet make a post about the fascinating individual I have met recently, and the reason I am learning iMovie in the next post. It has nothing to do with vintage anything, but segways from one jewish controversy into another!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

200+ Followers - Thank You!

Over 200 followers!

I wanted to take a moment to thank each person who took the time to click on my "Follow" link. I have tried to join each persons' blog in return (if you have one) because I think it's only fair and as a courtesy.

Quick story: I went through someone's extensive vintage blog list about 6-8 months ago and literally joined about 100 blogs.

Number of people who reciprocated?

About 6 people. Really.

Ouch. Ha ha ha.

I am trying to get a longer 'blog roll' going so I can see more of your blog updates as they happen. I really enjoy seeing your photos and reading about your lives, the funny stuff, the sad stuff, the human stuff.

And what a wonderful way to see how others express their joy of Vintage and mid-century passions! You all are, always an inspiration to me.

I had a friend over last night for a short visit. He hasn't been over here in at least a year, maybe two. And while my house is no where near as "done" as Nick's or Mary's, I'd hoped he'd be somewhat impressed by my mid-century tables and lamps and clocks and boomerang ashtrays on tripods and Sputnik barometers and such. He's in his mid-60's, so he grew up with all things 1950's.

Well guess what he said?

Hardly a word.

Where is my laughing face smilie?


Ah well, it means I must strive to make more progress and attempt to pull it all together by next year, fingers crossed.

At any rate, I will also strive to keep the posts here at least somewhat interesting and topic-related!

Once again, a sincere thank you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Small Vintage Hardback Books

Has it been almost a week since I posted?! Yikes... And hovering at 199 followers. I had 199, then it went to 198 ha ha, now back to 199. Thank you all who have taken the time to click and follow my blog!

Inspired once again by Vintage Christine, and because I need to make a post and have so much other stuff going on I had to rip off another idea pf hers lol, I wanted to post about these 7 small hardback or hardcover books my Mom had. I think the smallest is about 5 inches, the tallest 7 inches. I love them because they are so small and adorable!

I was always charmed by small or miniature books as a child, so it's no wonder why Mom had these too.

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5446670250667570162" />

(^^^I can't seem to get rid of that, whatever it is, sorry)

Probably the most interesting is this old Palmistry book I found in the shed with some of her and Dads other stuff.

Several pages have old flower blossoms pressed inside.

It's simply charming! Do any of you have small books such as these? I don't recall ever seeing anyone collect these or at least mention them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And Now For Something Different... Ugly Homes!

I came across this website months ago, when some of their photos included really COOL mid-century homes.

But I ran across it again and started checking out the current photos.

Don't have your house in shape just yet? Don't feel bad, neither are these! Click HERE.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Kentucky Grandfather

OK, first allow me to emphasize, I have nothing against folks from Kentucky. Heck my Mom's Dad, this man, was from KY.

And here he is in World War One. Or is that WWl? At any rate, here he is in uniform in the Philippines. Dashing fellow.

But let me tell you what kind of guy he was lol.

He marries my city-raised Grandmother, I believe she was born in Virginia.

Ahh they look so happy here. This is around the time they got married. All sweetness and light. They do look happy. This is them on the right.

So they start having babies. A happy family.

Then the Great Depression hits, so he takes her and the babies to the woods of Wisconsin so he can go off to the logging camps to make money, leaving my city-raised little Grandma to fend for herself and her young brood, including my Mom.

OK, times were tough, understandable.

Well it turns out Grandpa was the town drunk. And what little money he made, he'd spend drinking.

Mom's family was so poor, her brothers and she used to go out in the woods and hunt for small game, and forage for food. The winters there were pretty brutal.

Because they had no money, they were forced to move from shack to shack, one worse than the last, in order to survive.

But I will say this, Mom had mostly fond memories of her childhood. She said she loved the woods of Wisconsin. She grew up near Crandon, by the way. Anyone from that town?


Shocking excerpt to follow!! Not for the faint of heart!

One story goes, that when my Grandpa came back to town, he went to the local bar and got so drunk, he went out front and slit a horses' throat from ear to ear. Yikes!


The other story goes, he met another woman, a trollop, and he took what little money he had selfishly saved, and ran off with the tramp.

Guess what happens?

The tramp waits until he gets drunk and passes out, and she steals all his money and takes off herself Ha!!

About the time Mom turned 8 years old, Her Mom, Grandma, sort of gave up, and Mom had to raise her little brother and cook for the rest of the family from then on. She did love her little brother though, and did not resent it. Except for her lazy, good for nothing sister, 8 years her elder, who didn't help at all. More about her later.

So if I don't have a real close fondness for my Kentucky kin, I hope you'll understand. *grin*

Colorful and interesting stuff. Please tell me I am not the only one to have bad blood in the family lolol...

Starburst Clocks

Both arrived, this one (above) yesterday and I am thrilled with both of them! It only took me almost two years to find the one's I wanted at prices that were not outrageous.

This one (above) didn't keep the right time at first, and my heart sank as I thought I had paid $100 for a clock that wouldn't work, but after adjusting the minute hand once and letting her go all night, she's about 3 minutes off. Close enough!

One thing I forgot about some of these older electric things are the noises the little motors and gears make. I love the sound. It's not loud, but it does have it's own little voice.

Will post more family pics, and get into the family gossip later today, but I wanted to let Pixie's giveaway post stand for a day to give her a chance to "be seen."

Something else very interesting developing: My best friend has been contacted by another friend he knew back in Brooklyn, back in junior high and high school. This particular person happens to be a "somebody" now. A controversial political speaker who had many videos on youtube featuring the lectures and interviews and debates he's done over his lifetime. Or at least the last 25+ years. He has a new movie out, and has written several controversial books.

I find it terribly fascinating, and will give more details with permission of my friend. Do I care about the politics? Hell no! lol... But the dynamic between this outspoken political speaker seen in his interviews and what my friend says about him is intriguing as all get out. Wish I could say more!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pixies Ponderings is Having a Giveaway

Pixie is giving away this sweet necklace! Congrats Pixie on your 100+ followers, go check it out and enter to win HERE.

I will post more family photos to follow, but they are are going over like a wet blanket so far LOL!!