Monday, February 15, 2010

Well, Hope Your Valentine's Day Was Better Than Mine


Self-indulgent whine-fest post approaching.

See that sculpture up there ^^^? It was $5 all week long. Two feet tall, OK, so I'll snag it for cheap. Could put it here in my office. I figured the stained pillow in the background would help keep bids down ha ha. As I decided what my high bid would be, maybe $20, it shot up to $60 in the last minute. Never mind!

OK, so how about this flying saucer lamp that sat at $5 all week long? I could also put it here in the office. I could always use another lamp.

Well, so did a lot of other people, because it too shot up to over $90 right before it ended. No thanks!

OK, so how about this clock that sort of matches my Starburst clock? Could pair them in the living room. At least that would sell low I was sure.

Oh it did alright. $10. Because I somehow missed the bid by a minute.


Later in the evening one of my black cone lamps with the star pattern just went dark. I changed bulbs, but it must be a wiring issue. It has a separate on-off switch, so it's not a simple matter of getting a new socket/switch fixture at Home Depot. Ugh.

So, such was my "special" day. I hope your was better!