Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vintage Chalkware

Every once in a while, after I've exhausted my usual "Eames, 1950's, Vintage" searches on eBay, I'll start plugging in other words. "Paint by number", "vintage metal", "vintage chalkware" and this auction popped up. $10, 1 bid, ending in a short time.

As it counted down I threw on a bid higher than usual, because I've seen these go for ridiculous prices.

3 seconds, 2, 1; and I won it for $10.50??

What, is this some kind of cheap reproduction that I am not aware of?

I'm skeptical when I get vintage items on eBay cheaper than usual lol.

At any rate, regardless, it will match my pink and white bathroom perfectly!


  1. cute!I have the same set but in aqua and white,if they're real they have the Miller Studios and the year on the side of the fish,mine say from 1960

  2. As soon as I saw the photo I thought wow--those things are expensive and then I see where you got them for cheap. Hopefully they'll really be vintage but even as repros they're just so darn cute!

  3. Hey, even if they are reproductions, they are cute as hell! I would love to have those for our place at the beach, but since we are getting ready to sell it, I can't use that excuse for future purchases!

  4. Lucky! Im hoping to snag a "school" of these for the soon to be built bathroom!