Monday, February 22, 2010

Vintage 1950's Mid-Century Reproductions

What's your opinion about reproductions? Do you incorporate them into your decor?

I figure, there are enough vintage things out there, that one really doesn't need them, except maybe in a very few very specific cases.

Part of the reason I am asking, someone gave me an Amazon gift certificate, and they don't have a whole lot of vintage reproductions that have high customer ratings. Their KitKat clock rates as "a piece of junk" lol.

And why are atomic print materials so expensive? A pillow for $59? No thanks, I'll buy a piece of original barkcloth and make my own, thank you very much.

I will need to get new, reproduction kitchen appliances, unless I can find someone to rebuild and refinish my original pink kitchen appliances, and I'm going to buy a new couch and chair for the living room because I want brand new, and they make 50's style couches and chairs. Plus I want them in black, and you don't see vintage couches and matching chairs in black.

But what about you?

Do you use reproductions, what kinds, and why?


  1. I'm with you, why would you spend three times as much money on a poorly made item that's just a reproduction of the real thing? Vintage RULES!!

  2. Well it all depends. I love vintage and will always go for it first, but if there is something I really want and cannot find it in vintage within my price range, then repro it is. I also consider the area...not all of us are blessed to be close to anywhere that sells vintage (and postage can be prohibitive).

  3. I generally try to avoid reproductions if at all possible. Part of the fun in vintage things is that they're vintage! That is, they'll lived through a previous time and have survived. To me, they have part of that time captured in them through natural patinas, maybe a little knick, and just general aging. With that being said however, like Pixie mentioned, in some cases an original is simply not feasable at the time. In those rare cases, I might have a reproduction, but hopefully to be replaced by an original when possible. As for what I like original, I have to say everything! From sofas to kitchen appliances, I love it all and love the search! I can't imagine buying one of those $5000 "retro" stoves, when I can buy a more fabulous working vintage one for a couple hundred!

    That being said, if you ever need a home for your original pink appliances, whether they work or not, let me know!

  4. the only time i have bought a reproduction is a couch from Macy's. so far so good. For other things I do not like to buy reproductions as they are not made to last, and are extremely over-priced. I love an old thing, and its history... so i usually always stick to originals.

  5. everyone has made a good point..for me, if I can not afford an original vintage item and the reproduction is good quality..reproduction it is!! I can't afford an original Picasso,but I'm darned thrilled to have a "copy".....
    obviously, I'd rather own the original,but it's not always feasable.