Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday I went out and bought myself a new TV. You know, one of the NEW TVs, not the old boxy analog types. You can't even get those anymore.

I haven't had a working TV for months. I watch my DVDs on my computer and was happy not to hear all the bad news in the world that the news likes to report. Head in the sand? You bet! Life is better that way. In my opinion.

So I went for a 26" flat screen. Why did I wait so long to get one? I'm terrified of trying to figure out how to plug all those plugs in, and afraid I couldn't get the DVD player and stereo surround sound to all jive.

Like a smartie, I kept the old TV plugged in for when I had the courage to get a new one. So I just plugged the new one in the way the old one was plugged in.

Did it all work the way it was supposed to?

No. Of course not.

My old TV sets used to have something called a "splitter" because the old TVs didn't have all the fancy plugs for all the external goodies. So after trying it with the splitter, and taking digital photos of all the plugs in case I had to get it back the way it was before, I bypassed the splitter and plugged it all right into my new TV.

Once I remembered to turn the DVD player on, and the stereo, and set the stereo to "Aux", it worked!!

It only took me three hours to work up the courage and mess with all the plugs ha ha.

So I guess 1950's Atomic Ranch house leaps into the modern age with a new flat screen TV lol.

And why is it my wireless mouse eats up batteries like there is no tomorrow, and why is it when I put new batteries in it, it won't work?

I was raised to fear all things electrical.

On a regular basis, Mom would freeze in the middle of a room and say: "What's that bakelite smell?!" Meaning once again she was sure she smelled something burning in the walls or something.

As a kid I tried to plug something into the wall socket in my room and it sparked. That confirmed to me that all things electrical were of the devil lolol....

So when I walked through my kitchen the other day and I heard this electrical buzzing noise, I almost flew into a panic. Was the stove (stopped working long ago) somehow turned on and was going to explode? Was the dishwasher motor running and ready to burn up the house because I accidentally pushed the door in so it would run?

No, the post man had pushed so much mail in the mail box that the lid was pushing against the intercom/bell button above it that would indicate you had mail when the lid bumped up against it.

Crisis diverted. I about had a heart attack.

Now, I have rambled on far too long, my computer mouse is still not working so I will try to post this by hitting "enter".

Gosh I love the modern age.

P.S. That didn't work either, so I had to haul out my old Fisher Price type keyboard that looks like it was dragged through a dusty, cat hair laden dirty swamp to post this.

Electronics annoy the crud out of me lolol..