Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping Etsy

So I blab about eBay all the time. Craig's List is useless to me because nothing remotely cool or retro gets listed in my area.

So tell me all about Etsy? I see they take paypal. Are those fixed prices, so no auction format, right? I did a category search and saw Eames era, is this how you search? Can you find good deals on etsy?

Please tell me how this etsy things works lol. And if you have an etsy store or sell there, please feel free to leave a link to your etsy shop.

Maybe I have been missing out!


  1. Most of what I see on Etsy is handmade but there's also a bunch of retro/vintage stuff (vintage items have to be over 20 years old to be considered vintage). I had a shop with a small amount of vintage costume jewelry and only sold three things--2 rhinestone pins and a Hopalong Cassidy watch--so I closed the shop. I may go back as I'm growing very disillusioned with the antique mall I'm in--the roof leaks right over my booth and they "can't afford" to fix it and have "nowhere" to move me. One good thing about Etsy is that it's very inexpensive.

  2. I love etsy but it IS more expensive. I think it's retro recreated tho, not so much retro.

  3. I buy almost all my vintage off etsy, and I sell my vintage on etsy. I love it. the prices are comprable to Ebay if you know how to search and find.

    Its great, I see tons of 30s-50s everything on there in the vintage section. I sell 30s-60s dresses on there, and have had a huge success. <3

  4. I love Etsy because of the set prices, no having to worry about getting into a bidding war. Also, most of the Etsy sellers take so much more pride in their wares than Ebay sellers do, I have had countless problems with Ebay sellers, only had issues with 2 Etsy transactions out of over 100 I think. As well as being an Etsy customer, I'm also an Etsy seller, so here's the link to my shop:

  5. Yes, Etsy is for set prices, no bidding wars, and is mostly a place for artists to sell their handmade work. However, as Christine said vintage items are also allowed, as are supplies (items used for making handmade items).

    I have a shop front there, but have mostly listed supplies for right now. If there was an affordable (and more locally situated) shop space I'd have a set up at a local shop, however, etsy is my only alternative at present.

    Until a shop gets noticed it's slow going, but there's no huge amount of overhead either. Unlike shop space where the rent has to be met regardless of whether you pull in any sales or not.

  6. I meant to add that I can't answer you about whether or not you can find deals. I suppose that's possible as with any sales venue. And you search as you did, by looking for vintage (jewelry or whatever) and narrowing it down by catagory.

  7. I have an etsy shop ( and I sell vintage, reproduction and handmade with vintage and in retro styles. I don't do a ton of sales on etsy, but I also don't put a large amount of time into it either. The key to selling on etsy is amazing pictures and good tagging.

    As far as buying, you can browse predetermined categories or you can search. If you want to find sales, use the word sale in your search. There is also a pif tag (pay it forward) of things people sell for usually less than $1 and a destash tag which is used more for supplies.

    My general plan is to search etsy first (I hate auctions) to see if I can find a good deal. Sometimes I will find what I am looking for at a little bit more than I want to pay and I save it as a favorite and go to ebay to see what is available.

    I agree that sellers on etsy generally care much more about their sales and are more knowledgeable, although you will get some stray sellers that lie about dates or mass produced items. I find that when I'm not sure, a quick message to the seller will give me a hint if they are legit.

    I hope this helps!

  8. Etsy's my best friend. I've been buying from Etsy for about a year, but just opened my shop a month ago:

    The problem with Etsy is that there's sooo much crap on there because anyone that has ever tried to knit or paint can stick their wares on the site. Therefore I tend to rely on the daily emails that you can sign up for. The emails are 'curated' into themes, and usually feature a mix of both homemade and vintage wares. You have to get in quick with the 'featured' vintage items though, because they generally sell out quickly.

    My biggest problem is that I see all these wonderful 50s items, but the postage is usually prohibitive as I live in Australia and most of the items I like are from the US or UK.

  9. I discovered Etsy a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since. I finally got the nerve to start selling in December combining my love of vintage and handmade. So far, I have found that sellers and shoppers on Etsy are extremely friendly and environmentally conscientious.

    Also, I am enjoying your blog and have it now listed as a favorite on mine.
    I love the atomic era, too!