Monday, February 8, 2010

Original 1950's Style Eames Art on eBay

There is an artist on eBay I've seen for quite some time now. If you do searches for keywords like "Eames", you have too. This artist does contemporary 1950's inspired artworks that are very good, and very reasonably priced.

As a professional artist myself, one who used to sell a lot of her own art on eBay, I know the work it takes to create art, then sell it. It's rewarding, but. . . It's work!

So I wanted to feature this particular artists work whom I have admired for months now. Very cool, very retro, every 1950's Atomic Ranch House should have one!

Her eBay ID is: modasahatter and you can see her current auctions for sale here.

I have my eye on one of her artworks already!


  1. Uh oh--every time a blogger highlights an artist like this I wind up buying a print--so far they've been on Etsy but there's certainly no reason to stop there. I'll check her out, and thanks!

  2. Don't you love it when an artists work speaks to you! It looks just like you!

  3. Ebay is about the worst place to sell art in my experience. I've tried it a few times and have found it totally dispiriting. You don't get nearly as much as it's worth. Paintings that are FRAMED - such as modasahatta's - should not be going for 25 odd dollars - you'd lose money on the framing costs! Places like Etsy, Made It (in Australia) etc. are much better for art or design.

    Thanks for the referral though.

  4. Her artworks are UNframed. =)

    And I'll have to check etsy, I really haven't looked there in a few years. Can you make more money selling art on etsy? I'd be surprised if you could.

    Art is not a good seller over all in bad economies. Nothing that is considered 'non-essentials" is.

    But at any rate, I myself stopped selling original artworks on eBay several years ago. But I enjoyed it when I did it. =D

  5. Hey!! I actually know this artist! I am going to get on the horn and tell her to get her butt over here so she knows that her art was featured on your blog!!!

  6. Hi, It's me, the silly dingus who missed your awesome blog! Thanks so much, I am always excited when people not only appreciate my work, but take the time to share it with others. Very sweet of you!

  7. Wow I bought one of her paintings and as I could actually afford it. For the great price I was not expecting it to live up the my expectation, but it totally exceeded them when it arrived. It is not just fun it rocks a certain depth too. I love it more each day.