Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Want This Vintage Chenille Bedspread

Mint green and pink. In an ultra-feminine pattern. Beautiful condition. it's the kind of thing that would make me want to decorate a whole room around it, and while I appreciate "Shabby Chic" style, it's not a look I want. But seeing this makes me want to go there.

Of course I could keep the room more traditional 1950's and use this color palette, it doesn't have to be "Shabby", right?

It's to die for! Why do I find these things? It's up to just over $200, but it has a reserve. I wonder what they want for it? Those Reserves can be tricky.

I'm over here drooling, I have to admit. Trying to convince myself that I work hard (I do, I really do) and I deserve to get whatever occasional special item I want, and it's OK to spend money once in a while (I grew up with thrifty Depression Era parents).

What do you think? Is it really Vintage or a newer spread with a Vintage style? It's the most beautiful bedspread I've ever seen.

But with my luck, the cat will sneak into the house and barf on it ha ha ha ha ha.....


  1. Oh. My. God. That would look so damn incredible in my bedroom and while the cat probably wouldn't throw up on it, he'd have a total blast chewing on all those balls. Unfortunately, I'm afraid my super-indulgent husband might draw the line on this one, and I already have an awesome actual Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic bedspread for the guest room (the room where I put all the stuff he doesn't want to look at on a daily basis). And finally--even for ME, $200 is high. WTF--go for it!!!

  2. Oh I love this bedspread too! I buy chenille bedspreads (inexpensive ones) and make little girls coats and hats out of them. They are so cute! I usually use solid white chenille. I don't think I could cut this one up though. LOL It deserves to be displayed.

  3. It's up to just over $200, Reserve Not Met. =( Maybe they want $300 for it?

    Yikes, the most expensive thing I've bought on greedbay was that starburst clock I just got, at $89 ha ha.

    I have a "Shabby Chic" room, my Moms tribute room. But I have so many vintage quilts and such, and there is only one bed to display them all on.

    The Master Bedroom? Perhaps. I use another bedroom for my office, and I wind up crashing in the small bed in here, so the master BR gets little use, so far. Would look wonderful in there as the walls are pink and will be repainted pink. . .

  4. OH My! STEAL! In the Vermont country store a full size chinelle runs $150 and THATS with only 1 color... I was going to use them in my bedroom re-do but I just couldnt go $200 (for 2 twins) but that one is beautiful!!!

  5. It's gorgeous. Buy it. It's so much fun telling someone else to spend money :)

  6. Mick you can get many a wonderful chenille for very reasonable prices on places like greedbay lol...

    I was just noticing the prices for them have gone down. I got a green apple and peach one a few years ago at $50. Now I can get the same for $20-$30.

    Ha ha I agree, Midcenturymadam.....

  7. Love this!! I've thought about getting a vintage chenille spread for our bed but with 4 cats and a dog, it's probably not going to happen. But I could get one for the guest bed......

    I do so love pink and green together!

  8. That is gorgeous! Chenille is just the quintessential vintage spread! Go ahead, SPLURGE!

  9. I don't consider that shabby at all. Retro yes, shabby no. Though it could go in a room that was shabby chic as well.

    It is gorgeous, and probably all made by hand (if vintage probably right here in the US).

    I personally could never buy it if I wasn't going to use it in the room where I spent most of my time - animals or no. Things in my house have got to be useful.

    It's funny, when I was a little girl my mother had chenille bedspreads on every bed in the house. They weren't expensive to buy. Now even chenille fabric is expensive.

    Good luck if you try for it!

  10. Isn't that funny? Chenille wasn't considered anything "special."

    The Herman Miller type fiberglass chairs we had we kids thought were ugly. Now they sell for hundreds.

    The whip-stitched fiberglass lamp shades were "old fashioned", the black and white TV "old."

    By the late 70's we hated our "old" house and it's 1950's look. But the Brady Bunch house looked stupid too ha ha.

    Mom used to tell us: "Take pictures of your town/city because it will change." We rolled our eyes. Now it's unrecognizable.

    Ahh the good old days!

  11. Hi!
    I spend hundreds of dollars on vintage chenille bedspreads.I am from Australia and get them all imported from America.
    This one is just divine.I could easily spend over $300 on one bedspread and I have quite a few.I say go for it and buy it.x.x.x.

  12. Ooo That is a Nice Spread. It is a Cabin Craft. One of the best chenille makers of their time. I have over 300 vintage chenille bedspreads and I say BUY BUY BUY! Most I have spent on one spread was around 800, Im such a sucker for them!

  13. I love this bedspread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been searching for just the right one and this is it. Where did you find it??? And are there more........not necessarily the same one but in the same kind of theme..pretty,feminine,color and decorative???? Pls let me know

  14. The pictured bedspread was NOT made by Cabin Crafts, it was made by Carter Brothers, or otherwise known as RETRAC-which is carter spelled backwards. I have seen this spread on Ebay only 3 times in 5 years. I have seen it sell for as little as $250.00 and as much as $650. It is beautiful and RARE!

  15. That bedspreadis artwork ! Who wouldn't love to have that ?