Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help Me Understand Frida Kahalo

OK, some may consider this a controversial post. Which is a nice way of saying witchy lol. But it seems on topic as she was a mid-century artist.

I know many of you out there are artists too. So I thought I'd ask:

Why the heck is Frida Kahalo so darn popular? I know her image became a very popular one to paint after the movie about her life came out in 2002. I watched the movie too.

And while I enjoyed the movie, it didn't make me want to paint hundreds of portraits of her. Not a single one. In fact, if one was to "follow" what Frieda did, then shouldn't we all be painting portraits of ourselves?

I'm not trying to be critical here! Really! I simply want to understand the huge popularity of her as a subject matter. Because before the movie, you didn't see the volume of artworks featuring her.

In fact, I rather enjoyed the movie "Pollock" better. But I haven't done one splatter painting either.

So if you have an opinion, please share it. If you think I am wrong, please tell me why. I am genuinely curious why this subject matter is still so widely popular, because while I feel she was an interesting person, I personally have not been compelled to paint her portrait.

Thank you for your input.