Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gene Krupa Autograph

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My folks were older by the time I came along. OK, old! So I grew up listening to Big Band music as that was Dads favorite. To me, that is mid-century music, not the Doo-Wop stuff (don't hate me, just a conditioned preference).

Dad played drums in a Big Band himself, and I recently came across photos of him in the band. Will post some of those soon.

Meanwhile, he loved Gene Krupa since he himself played the drums.

He had Gene autograph these especially for him, years ago. As the story goes, Gene himself suggested to Dad that he cover the autographs with a piece of scotch tape to help keep them from damage.

Ha ha.

There is a brown spot on one of them, but with the tape covering, I'm sure I can carefully clean it off.

These have been separated in the house for years and years, and just today I located them both at the same time, finally paired again!

They have virtually no real value I am sure (a Gene Krupa and Johnny Davis autograph on sale now on eBay for $69), but for me of course, they have great sentimental value.

I intend to get these framed and hang them above the drums and such from Dads estate I plan on displaying here in the 1950's Atomic Ranch House.

Here's to you, Dad!

Gene on drums:


  1. Very cool!

    My grandfather was a trumpet player and I growing up listening to big band music as well--it's definitely one of my favorite genres of music.

  2. I MUCH prefer big band over doo-wop, in fact that's all I listen to on my XM radio as I'm tootling down the highway. You are so lucky to have those drumsticks--they might not be worth a million bucks on eBay but they're priceless to you. More photos of Pops, please. And I LOVE Gene Krupa--he was kah-RAZY!

  3. I know some guys who would love Gene Krupa signed drum sticks! Wow what a great thing to have, especially with such a great close connection!

  4. When I was a little kid say in 5th grade, the teacher asked me what my favorite band was, and I told her Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. I'm 30 now and thanks to my Dad always liking the old stuff, I have always liked the old stuff too!

  5. my father and husband are both drummers, so i can certainly appreciate the importance of these. very cool!!!

  6. LOVE big band music, and "Sing, Sing, Sing" is my hands-down favorite dance tune from that era! Thanks so much for sharing it! COOL sticks, man!!

  7. Krupa,Goodman, Miller...grew up listening to all of them...what an era!!! The music,the style...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

  8. Hi
    Im a BIG GK fan
    Just got done restoring a 40s kit just like his
    If you want to sell the sticks Ill buy them sight unseen name your price!
    thanks and best of luck
    Great story as well