Sunday, February 7, 2010

Details, Details

How detailed do you get in your restoration? I see some items like this kitchen stove fan, and I wonder if I should buy this stuff.

Climax. Oops was this a wise name to choose for this product? Teehee...

I want to get new hanging lamps for both the kitchen and the living room. I love the flying saucer style lamps for the kitchen:

And while I won't get this one in particular, I do like that this one plugs into the wall rather than being hard-wired. But I still need one that hardwired in, like the old ones.

The kitchen lamp (still original) is an oriental style, and as much of the original house as I am trying to keep, oriental is a style I simply cannot warm up to.

The original Honeywell thermometer dealie was knocked off the wall years ago by us rambunctious kids, but it looks like I could buy something to replace it, even if it doesn't work (the heating system hasn't worked in decades, I'm not sure if it's a simple fix or not)...

The kitchen wall clock stopped running years ago (again, hardwired in) and one of the startburst design dealies was lost long ago. Should I try to get it working again or get a new one wired in? It worked for a short while when I drywalled the adjoining garage wall. I guess the hammering got it going again lol.

Come to think of it, I don't recall a lot of clocks for sale that you hardwire in.

And there is an intercom system in the house, complete with radio. That stopped working long ago, of course, but it would be cool to get her going again, wired with a brand new sound system hidden behind the old intercom panels (one lost, of course... groan).

So how far in detail do you go to restore your mid-century house?


  1. Why in the world would they call a kitchen fan "Climax", unless maybe it's an abbreviation for "climate" and "maximum" or something???? I like those flying saucer lamps ALOT. You always find great stuff!

  2. With the Clock, 9x of of 10 in just needs some WD40. Its a pain to do, but if you un wire it from the wall take the back of and work some wd40 in it will provably start right up! (ya gotta think, it provably hasnt had any lubrication since it left the manufacturer all thoes years ago, and is provably just dried stuck) This was the same case with the time on my 1954 stove, the dealer said it didnt work and provably never would. My dad and I took the little pannel off the back sprayed wd 40 in worked the timer and *DING* it works just fine now!

  3. Okay, if you don't have any heat, I sure do hope you don't live in the northeast this weekend! I love what you are trying to do. Not an easy job!

  4. Speaking of lights, just want to brag a teensy, tiny bit. ;)

  5. You can hardwire any light with a cord, I believe--cut the plug off and divide the cord and wire it in--not a hard task. Same with one that doesn't plug in--add wire and a plug.