Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another 1950's Starburst Clock

Whoo-hoo, got a matching-ish black and gold starburst clock to match my other black and gold starburst clock. This one for only $28!!

It doesn't have the cool backlit lights, but it certainly was more affordable.

On an even better note, I went through most all the family photos last night. Mom used to have a photo of she and Dad taken while they went to Vegas hanging on the hall wall, and I did not see it. I hope to heck I didn't somehow throw it out when I was getting rid of her multitudes of smaller framed things she'd hang on the wall (mostly pretty little pictures she'd find in magazines or pretty greeting cards she framed). I don't think she would have put a magazine pic over a photo like that, and while I was sure I checked behind every picture before throwing it out, I can't seem to find it. I get hung up on details like that lol.

At any rate, it was wonderful looking at the old photos. More photos of the house when it was new, the furniture, the landscaping, and best of all, more photos of the Big Band my Dad played in. I only had one of him loading up his drums into his car. Now I have pics of the whole band!

My Dad also used to go to the Palladium to listen to the other Big Bands, and there's a photo of he and Mom in a Palladium folder taken by a photographer there. Very cool.

I don't have a scanner, so will have to take digital photos of the photos (ugh), but will try and get some posted later today, if possible.

OK, so it may not be quite as interesting as Vintage Christine's Ronald McDonald photos, but very retro 1950's indeed!

P.S. I started adding your blogs to a bloglist in my wigits along the side of my blog, and will add any and all of you who comment on my blog on a semi-regular basis and have a blog that is retro or art related, and one that you update on some kind of regular basis. =)

P.P.S. I notice that artist I featured several posts ago never responded to my email to her via eBay, and never came here to comment? I wonder why? When I was selling on eBay, I'd have jumped for joy if my art was featured on someone's blog. =)