Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1950's Starburst Eames Back-Lit Clock

Whoo hoo she's mine all mine lol...

First of all, these starburst clocks are always way too expensive. I mean, these clocks are by no means rare, and for sale in one style or another all the time on eBay. So why do they sell for so darn much money? One can only have so many of these per home, right?

But, because there are some items from the 50's that you cannot deny are quintessential, every one has to have at least one of these babies, the same way you need a boomerang ashtray ha ha.

So, having seen this particular style a year ago on eBay, and watching the clock sales never get much cheaper, I decided to grab the next one of these black and gold back-lit beauties the next time I saw a decent deal on one. Always had a thing for lamps and clocks lol.

Tell us about your clocks!


  1. Gorgeous! I'm currently working on restoring a starburst clock.

  2. I had one just like that. I bought it for a quarter in a junk shop and flogged it in my booth at the local antique mall for $25.00. I was stunned!

    I do love a vintage clock. They seem to really add an authenticity to a period setting that you just cannot get with other items. I also feel that way about lamps and have had some really lovely/hideous/gaudy ones in my day...lol!

  3. Love it! That is just fabulous. I would love for you to take a photo of your favorite spot in your house. We've seen bits and pieces. I would like to see the whole tableau.

  4. I am SOOOOOO jealous! I just recently got my very own Sunburst clock for $14 on Ebay! (because its a manual wind clock with a key) Ive wanted one since I was 10 years old, and 5 years go when I bought the Casablanca, As I walked through the rooms, I said " I want an Atom Clock on the porch. ($15.00 walmart), A Kit-Kat clock in the Kitchen,($30.00 Retroville U.S.A.) and a GOLD sunburst clock in the bedroom.
    Well last december I started the re-do overhaul of the bedroom/den (Theres Pic's on My blog) and as fate would have it I got my GOLD Sunburst clock!!! It totally makes the room! And I totally agree with you, these are just synonymous with the 50's just like boomrange coffee tables, and fiberglass shade lamps!

  5. $90 for that one. *Gulp* It was by no means a "steal" lol...

    Anna is right, I need to get my own vintage rump in gear and paint the walls and get the floors done so I can start taking photos I can be proud to share on the internet ha ha.

  6. Ha ha, your "vintage rump"--that's hilarious. I have a vintage wall clock (doesn't have that rear light feature, unfortunately) that needs some work to remove rust, and the face has a little discoloration, but it does work and I paid less than $10 for it. Wish I could send it to some of my more ambitious blogger pals for a redo. Oh well, guess I'd better get MY vintage rump in gear, as well!

  7. I LOVE IT! I go for the broken starburst clocks on ebay, they sell for cheaper and normally are easy to fix with a clock kit from a hobby store.

  8. I'm suffering from major clock envy. Think I'll give up on the lamps for awhile and start focusing on finding clocks...big beautiful starburst clocks. I have never seen one at a thrift store but I just know, someday my clock is going to come in. Yours is beautiful.

  9. That is one seriously cool clock!

    I can't tell you about my clocks...I don't have anything interesting, except for that little table top deco one I got a while back at Goodwill. Everything else is pretty ordinary.

  10. I enjoyed visiting your blog
    God Bless