Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1950's Starburst Eames Back-Lit Clock

Whoo hoo she's mine all mine lol...

First of all, these starburst clocks are always way too expensive. I mean, these clocks are by no means rare, and for sale in one style or another all the time on eBay. So why do they sell for so darn much money? One can only have so many of these per home, right?

But, because there are some items from the 50's that you cannot deny are quintessential, every one has to have at least one of these babies, the same way you need a boomerang ashtray ha ha.

So, having seen this particular style a year ago on eBay, and watching the clock sales never get much cheaper, I decided to grab the next one of these black and gold back-lit beauties the next time I saw a decent deal on one. Always had a thing for lamps and clocks lol.

Tell us about your clocks!