Thursday, February 25, 2010

1950's Atomic Ranch House Roots

Tintype of my Great, Great Grandmother as a girl, left.

OK, in light of Vintage Christine's completely hilarious family and self portrait photos and commentary, I decided to do something similar, for that reason, and a few more.

Namely, in case of fire or being struck down by lightening, I need to get more of the family photos photographed and posted somewhere.

But I promise you, this is all going somewhere. My family has some hilarious history. All kinds of dirt and gossip. And since they were all kinds of mean to my folks on both sides, and I no longer associate with any of them, I can say whatever the hell I want about them lol!!!

Mom's Dad and Mom on left, her Mom's Dad on right. 1920. (Above photo)

It wasn't all bad, but geez, some of the stories I heard were something else. Mom told me these stories, and Mom was not the kind of person to embellish the truth as so many people seem to do, so I pretty much know, it's a fact.

My Mom's Mom left, her Mom, Mom's Grandmother on right. About 1919. The older woman in the photos, my Great Grandmother, outlived three husbands I believe. And if the family names on the back are correct, one of her husbands was an engineer on the Brooklyn Bridge. Or something like that. Hard to keep it all straight. Another photo of that person is somewhere.

Now, My Mom's Mom's folks were out of Virginia, I believe. My Mom's Mom, or Grandmother, was raised in the city by strict Victorian parents.

Then came her husband, the young man in the photo above showing the three people, straight from the hollars of Kentucky. He married my Grandmother about 1919.

And here is their Kentucky family shack, the parent's of my Grandfather, my Mom's Dads' folks. You don't get more "shack-like" than this lol.

Some of these photos set the stage for all the dirt to follow.

More next time... Because I am damn bored of shopping eBay, so some family dirt should be good. Heehee~~~~

The family dirt being the reason my folks moved out here to California and bought this 1950's Atomic Ranch House.


  1. Oh now Im gonna follow the trend and post our family pic's. Haha Your family is so night.

  2. Good lord, I've inspired someone! I LOVE to read about other people's families, especially if there's dirt, and I'm busy letting my nieces and nephew know ALL the poop about my sordid past. My niece just told me that all my posting inspired her to organize all her digital images into folders on her computer. I hope to see more pix of your mom and dad, too! Oh, and that photo of the house in the holler looks like every other house in southern Mississippi!

  3. I would love to have that shack in the mountains of KY! Oh, the fun I would have. I love B & W photos, but wish this one was color so I could see what the flowers looked like. Can't wait for the next installment!

  4. lol... I don't have quite as many cool stories about myself as you have, Christine, but I have enough family goodies to make quite a few posts heh heh...

  5. You could write an entire post on her hair...what the hell is that on her head anyway? I just know you're going to tell us in a later post that she died from a black widow bite because she had a nest of them on her head!!

  6. Okay Miss Atomic, e-mail me your snail mail address and I'll send you some of my paper plates!

    annasbasement at

    Thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog!

  7. Great tidbits and photos! My grandparents came from the holler in Kentucky too! My mom was born at home. On the kitchen table.

  8. LOVE these old photos!!! love the stories that go with them.
    My mom was born prematurely in 1918,,her mom put her in a box on the opened door to the stove to keep her warm!!!!My fathers mother was a crack shot with a pistol and rifle..had to protect herself while her husband was away with the railroad! I just love old pic's and the stories that go with them. thanks for sharing!!