Saturday, January 16, 2010

Working Woman

Working. I don't mind doing it, in fact, I am happy to support myself, but with my computer crash comes extra, extra work. A lot of work to make up for. Not much fun time, I'm afraid.

I did get my atomic plates. Surprised they arrived in one piece they way they had them packed with a little crumpled paper in-between each plate. But they finally got here so my matching coffee cups can have a spot to rest on.

I've checked out eBay here and there, and nothing has grabbed my attention. I was talking to a fellow blogger on the phone and he told me of yet another blogger he knows who has a passion for vintage lamps. What is it about lamps that make me want to buy 10 for each room? I don't know. I've been dutifully avoiding searching eBay for lamps because I know I will find one or more I cannot live without. lol...

So my 1950's friends, not much to add to today, nothing inspiring I'm afraid. I hope each and every one of you is doing well and are happy!

P.S. I have been trying to add all my followers' blogs with my own follow, but it's been giving me troubles, so I will figure it out and join all of those who have joined my blog asap!


  1. I have a theory why you like lamps. You can find old ones that look so unique. If you look for a current lamp, all of them look the same. Most are a ginger jar or a variation on that. I would rather have milk glas or huge glass beads stacked or a hurricane lamp electrified. The vintage choices are so much prettier!

  2. I TOTALLY get the whole "lamp buying syndrome" Ido it all the time! I think its implse part of the brain saying "theres an awsome lamp, if you dont get it someone else will" so you buy it, even though you have NO room for it. I am ALWAYS doing this! and it seems to be table lamps for some reason.

  3. I've been thinking about the plates and glad to hear that you finally got them (and in one piece).

    That's a great picture. I don't know why it reminds me of hubby's grandmother, as the photo doesn't relate at all (except the era I guess). She worked in the ship yards during the war, as a riveter. I hadn't known that before her death. It would have been interesting to talk to her about it. Too many missed opportunities.

    Have a great day!

  4. You've got to get things back up and running--miss reading your blog every day! The lamp thing is definitely one of my addictions and I buy them just because I like them as half of them don't work! But they will, eventually, once I get around to rewiring them. The lamps usually aren't the problem around here--it's the lampSHADES that are hard to find, and I really don't want to spend a bunch of money for a lampshade.

  5. I also have a lamp thing, it's ridiculous, I think it's akin to the shoe thing for women! I know many people who have a lamp thing. In fact, when my company were doing an event last year a friend had a stall nearby, I said wow fab lamps - I wanted every one but couldn't afford - he said yes, they're all ours! Now that is excessive to have a whole stall full of your own lamps!!