Friday, January 8, 2010

Who Is This Vamp?

While cruising through google images for something unrelated, I came across this amazing photo. She looks so familiar, I bet you know who she is. Not quite sure myself.

Another day of waiting for my new photoshop CS4 software to arrive, a virtual heart attack when I thought I'd spent another $700 on a version not compatible with my new computer, another 24 hours on the phone with Apple and Adobe India to get the damn thing to finally install after about 10 different complex and multi-stepped processes of install and uninstall each time, and after nearly gouging my eyes out and head exploding from all the information I didn't understand, I now have photoshop again.

But a newer version, cool as it is, means yet another learning curve. Sigh.

Sooo... Nothing new to report on the 1950's Atomic Ranch House front for a while until I can get up to speed on the new computer and photoshop. I must make my money with all my new computer upgrades so I can do all my house upgrades lol.

Meanwhile, my set of atomic dishes to match my atomic coffee cups has yet to arrive from eBay. Remind me again why we shop eBay? Ha! And while my computer crashed, a pair of Caulder mobile print tablecloths sold for only $12... $12!!! And I couldn't bid. =(

Hope you all are doing much better. I promise to get back to regular subject posting asap. =)


  1. Dita von Teese! Fabulous burlesque star.

  2. Why can't strippers have such provacative names these days? I guess porn names sell better!

  3. As Desiree says, that's the wonderful, the amazing, the fantastic Dita von Teese!

    How are you liking CS4? Is it a worthy upgrade from CS3? I was hoping to hold out till CS5! :D

  4. Thanks, I thought she looked familiar.

    Richard: I LOVE the simplicity of the animation in CS4. I just taught myself animation with ImageReady in CS2 hee hee, but this is much easier. You know, simple banners and animated images and such.

    The filters are better, more intuitive, there is more to do, new tools, etc and I am watching tutorials on all the new things.

    So far I love it, but you know, always a learning curve, and with photoshop, you never stop learning. =)

    But I love photoshop, really love it, always have. Best program ever made. =D

  5. I saw a photo of Dita taken at the grocery store and apparently this woman makes it a point to always be camera-ready. She always looks so elegant, in a 50's burlesque-y kind of way. Don't worry, once your computer is back up to speed you'll get something even BETTER than the Caulder tablecloths!

  6. Chickens in the Basement,

    I heard that to come up with your stripper name, what you do is take the name of your first pet plus the name of the first street you lived.

    My stripper name would be Bee Bee Riverside.
    THAT's a stripper if I ever heard it!

    ATOMIC, I'm so sorry you had to deal with all that! Glad you're up and running now though.

  7. thought it was rita hayworth. shows what I know.

  8. Goodness, I need to upgrade to CS4 myself. I'm still on CS3 and now there's CS5!