Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where Are My Atomic Plates?

On December 9th, I got these atomic mid-century Cathay plates on eBay to match a few coffee cups I have with the same design. I think they were $8 for 7 plates. Not bad, and what the heck, it was a small present to myself since I rarely see anything on eBay I really want these days.

On the 27th or so, I emailed the seller "Hi, where are my plates?" 2 days later seller said: "Oh I'm sorry! I forgot! I will refund shipping!" I told her: "No need, no biggie, just happy to get my plates."

Now another 10 days has passed and... NO plates.

If they do not arrive today, I will open a claim with Paypal to get things rolling. But what a drag, you know? I used to sell all kinds of things on eBay. so I know how boring some of it is. The packing and shipping part was the worst for me. But I never waited more than 3-4 days to ship, ever.

And somehow you always associate that item with the bad experience, don't you? or maybe it's just me.

At any rate, I'm still smarting over the loss of the $12 Caulder mobile pattern tablecloths lol...