Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gifts That Are Hard to Give

Did you ever set out to buy someone gifts, then when you got them, you were so charmed by them, you didn't want to give them away?

I owe a couple nice friends some gifts, and I thought sending them a Valentine package would cheer the heart of any woman, because we are sentimental that way (even if they didn't come from a beau).

I'm not into Victorian stuff. I mean, here I have this 1950's blog and everything, so that's what I collect. Right?

But just look at that charming pink velvet posy cone!

And these little vintage photos of lovers and roses:

And this cute little bottle of the best scented lotion you have ever smelled by Bath and Body Works:

And this Art Deco style tin of lip balm:

And this set of miniature little embossed blank writing books. They are sooooo cute!

And this handmade little vintage kitten Valentine charm:

And most of these all came from the same seller, wrapped up in a cute little box in colored tissue paper, and I was so charmed by it as I opened it up like a little present with treasures inside.

I don't want to give them away! Well, maybe the charm, because it's smaller than I thought. And I DO have some of the same lotion. If you have not tried Bath and Body Works, order some online. It smells wonderful.

So what did I do?

I ran out to Wal Mart to get replacement gifts for the gifts I owed, and blew $70 on what? I'm not sure, because when I look at what I got, it doesn't seem like much. Rose potpourri, red heart ornaments, a pair of rhinestone bracelets, glitter pens to go with the little blank books (if I can part with two of the three), more scented lotions, some confetti glitter hearts, heart stickers and two heart gift bags.

Not much.

Ahh well, I will also give the tin of lip balm, but I just can't part with the velvet cone, little photos of lovers and at least one of those adorable blank books lol.

Remind me to buy gift certificates from now on. Ha...