Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eames Curtains

These were a bit of a well-thought out impulse buy. Meaning, I have been looking for 1950's style curtains for months and months, over a year, actually.

I'm so picky about the color and pattern! For the master bedroom, I wanted something geometric and pink with maybe black, and after enough months of looking, you finally have to settle on something, right? Right?

Auction was ending in an hour, so I didn't have my usual days to consider it, the cost, the this, the that...

So I bought them.

Then I thought: I hope these are not 1980's designs looking like 1950's! Some of the designs of the 1980's looked like this.

See how mental I get? lol. . .

And can someone please tell me, why 1950's material is so expensive? Of course the most awesome designs are too outrageous for my taste. I mean, $30-$50 a yard for curtains? ONE yard? I just can't do it.

I know the rest of you are not as eccentric as me, so if you feel a little crazy, you can always point to that 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady and say "I'm not that bad." lolol...

By the way, I love reading your blogs. I don't always post, though. But I love them!