Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eames Curtains

These were a bit of a well-thought out impulse buy. Meaning, I have been looking for 1950's style curtains for months and months, over a year, actually.

I'm so picky about the color and pattern! For the master bedroom, I wanted something geometric and pink with maybe black, and after enough months of looking, you finally have to settle on something, right? Right?

Auction was ending in an hour, so I didn't have my usual days to consider it, the cost, the this, the that...

So I bought them.

Then I thought: I hope these are not 1980's designs looking like 1950's! Some of the designs of the 1980's looked like this.

See how mental I get? lol. . .

And can someone please tell me, why 1950's material is so expensive? Of course the most awesome designs are too outrageous for my taste. I mean, $30-$50 a yard for curtains? ONE yard? I just can't do it.

I know the rest of you are not as eccentric as me, so if you feel a little crazy, you can always point to that 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady and say "I'm not that bad." lolol...

By the way, I love reading your blogs. I don't always post, though. But I love them!


  1. love them! they remid me of that pattern that has the simple shapes in green red and black here and there that were all the rage back then!

  2. Gorgeous! I want the drapes like Mom had that were really thick and heavy and had big leaves and bird of paradise flowers on them. Hmmm, better stop reading blogs and see if I can spend some of hubby's money. See, you aren't the only nut case out there! I consider it a compliment when my sisters visit me and say, "Since we love you, we're just going to say you're ECCENTRIC, rather than CRAZY".

  3. Ha ha! Love the word eccentric! May we all be eccentrics!