Monday, January 25, 2010

1950's Digs

OK, so it's sideways. It was supposed to show up bigger, but at any rate, isn't this a sweet vintage 4th of July tablecloth? I know, it's January! But of all my holiday goodies, I don't have much Fourth of July things.

I got my pink Sunbeam clock today and I am thrilled! happy Birthday me! Well, not until the 28th, but close enough lol.

The pink and black barkcloth turned out to be a faded gray and light pink color. Sigh. I love it, but I'm too picky about my color schemes to flex. I know, they have another word for that, but we'll skip that heh.

I also bought some long-overdue goodies for a friend who gave me an amazing Art Deco clock. I think I have a photo of it somewhere...

OK, my little Steiff cats butt is in the photo, you know how cats are ha ha, but this is it:

Are you all ready for Valentine's Day?

I have my Wilendur rose table cloth on the table with Vintage Valentine's and some candy, of course. Pictures to come when I figure out how my camera works with this newfangled computer.

I'll be checking your blogs for fantastic Valentine's!