Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gifts That Are Hard to Give

Did you ever set out to buy someone gifts, then when you got them, you were so charmed by them, you didn't want to give them away?

I owe a couple nice friends some gifts, and I thought sending them a Valentine package would cheer the heart of any woman, because we are sentimental that way (even if they didn't come from a beau).

I'm not into Victorian stuff. I mean, here I have this 1950's blog and everything, so that's what I collect. Right?

But just look at that charming pink velvet posy cone!

And these little vintage photos of lovers and roses:

And this cute little bottle of the best scented lotion you have ever smelled by Bath and Body Works:

And this Art Deco style tin of lip balm:

And this set of miniature little embossed blank writing books. They are sooooo cute!

And this handmade little vintage kitten Valentine charm:

And most of these all came from the same seller, wrapped up in a cute little box in colored tissue paper, and I was so charmed by it as I opened it up like a little present with treasures inside.

I don't want to give them away! Well, maybe the charm, because it's smaller than I thought. And I DO have some of the same lotion. If you have not tried Bath and Body Works, order some online. It smells wonderful.

So what did I do?

I ran out to Wal Mart to get replacement gifts for the gifts I owed, and blew $70 on what? I'm not sure, because when I look at what I got, it doesn't seem like much. Rose potpourri, red heart ornaments, a pair of rhinestone bracelets, glitter pens to go with the little blank books (if I can part with two of the three), more scented lotions, some confetti glitter hearts, heart stickers and two heart gift bags.

Not much.

Ahh well, I will also give the tin of lip balm, but I just can't part with the velvet cone, little photos of lovers and at least one of those adorable blank books lol.

Remind me to buy gift certificates from now on. Ha...

Monday, January 25, 2010

1950's Digs

OK, so it's sideways. It was supposed to show up bigger, but at any rate, isn't this a sweet vintage 4th of July tablecloth? I know, it's January! But of all my holiday goodies, I don't have much Fourth of July things.

I got my pink Sunbeam clock today and I am thrilled! happy Birthday me! Well, not until the 28th, but close enough lol.

The pink and black barkcloth turned out to be a faded gray and light pink color. Sigh. I love it, but I'm too picky about my color schemes to flex. I know, they have another word for that, but we'll skip that heh.

I also bought some long-overdue goodies for a friend who gave me an amazing Art Deco clock. I think I have a photo of it somewhere...

OK, my little Steiff cats butt is in the photo, you know how cats are ha ha, but this is it:

Are you all ready for Valentine's Day?

I have my Wilendur rose table cloth on the table with Vintage Valentine's and some candy, of course. Pictures to come when I figure out how my camera works with this newfangled computer.

I'll be checking your blogs for fantastic Valentine's!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vintage Christine Is Having A Giveaway!

Whoo hoo! People, if you have not gone over and checked out Vintage Christine's blog yet, scram right over there and enter the contest!

She is so adorable, please also join her blog. Let's show our support!

The rules and such for a preview:

So, I'm having a giveaway!  It starts now and will end on Sunday, February 1, which gives me enough time to mail the goodies so the winner will get them in time for V-day celebrating.   Plus I'm adding to the pile as the days go by.  PLUS--there's the Grand Prize, of course, but I've added First and Second Prizes, too.  So more chances to win neat stuff (and in a day or two I'll show you what you might be winning).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1950's Sunbeam Pink Wall Clock

Happy early Birthday to me! I had to get myself a present, right?

Next to lamps, I love clocks. Somehow I don't have nearly as many clocks as lamps, but that changed today with this mint in box pink beauty for my pink 1950's kitchen.

If you are like me, you spend too many hours hunting for something that really grabs you. I have seen slightly better pink kitchen clock designs, but the style and price were right, so I had to reward myself with all that shopping time well spent. Hey, justifying it this way works for me!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eames Curtains

These were a bit of a well-thought out impulse buy. Meaning, I have been looking for 1950's style curtains for months and months, over a year, actually.

I'm so picky about the color and pattern! For the master bedroom, I wanted something geometric and pink with maybe black, and after enough months of looking, you finally have to settle on something, right? Right?

Auction was ending in an hour, so I didn't have my usual days to consider it, the cost, the this, the that...

So I bought them.

Then I thought: I hope these are not 1980's designs looking like 1950's! Some of the designs of the 1980's looked like this.

See how mental I get? lol. . .

And can someone please tell me, why 1950's material is so expensive? Of course the most awesome designs are too outrageous for my taste. I mean, $30-$50 a yard for curtains? ONE yard? I just can't do it.

I know the rest of you are not as eccentric as me, so if you feel a little crazy, you can always point to that 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady and say "I'm not that bad." lolol...

By the way, I love reading your blogs. I don't always post, though. But I love them!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Working Woman

Working. I don't mind doing it, in fact, I am happy to support myself, but with my computer crash comes extra, extra work. A lot of work to make up for. Not much fun time, I'm afraid.

I did get my atomic plates. Surprised they arrived in one piece they way they had them packed with a little crumpled paper in-between each plate. But they finally got here so my matching coffee cups can have a spot to rest on.

I've checked out eBay here and there, and nothing has grabbed my attention. I was talking to a fellow blogger on the phone and he told me of yet another blogger he knows who has a passion for vintage lamps. What is it about lamps that make me want to buy 10 for each room? I don't know. I've been dutifully avoiding searching eBay for lamps because I know I will find one or more I cannot live without. lol...

So my 1950's friends, not much to add to today, nothing inspiring I'm afraid. I hope each and every one of you is doing well and are happy!

P.S. I have been trying to add all my followers' blogs with my own follow, but it's been giving me troubles, so I will figure it out and join all of those who have joined my blog asap!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where Are My Atomic Plates?

On December 9th, I got these atomic mid-century Cathay plates on eBay to match a few coffee cups I have with the same design. I think they were $8 for 7 plates. Not bad, and what the heck, it was a small present to myself since I rarely see anything on eBay I really want these days.

On the 27th or so, I emailed the seller "Hi, where are my plates?" 2 days later seller said: "Oh I'm sorry! I forgot! I will refund shipping!" I told her: "No need, no biggie, just happy to get my plates."

Now another 10 days has passed and... NO plates.

If they do not arrive today, I will open a claim with Paypal to get things rolling. But what a drag, you know? I used to sell all kinds of things on eBay. so I know how boring some of it is. The packing and shipping part was the worst for me. But I never waited more than 3-4 days to ship, ever.

And somehow you always associate that item with the bad experience, don't you? or maybe it's just me.

At any rate, I'm still smarting over the loss of the $12 Caulder mobile pattern tablecloths lol...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Who Is This Vamp?

While cruising through google images for something unrelated, I came across this amazing photo. She looks so familiar, I bet you know who she is. Not quite sure myself.

Another day of waiting for my new photoshop CS4 software to arrive, a virtual heart attack when I thought I'd spent another $700 on a version not compatible with my new computer, another 24 hours on the phone with Apple and Adobe India to get the damn thing to finally install after about 10 different complex and multi-stepped processes of install and uninstall each time, and after nearly gouging my eyes out and head exploding from all the information I didn't understand, I now have photoshop again.

But a newer version, cool as it is, means yet another learning curve. Sigh.

Sooo... Nothing new to report on the 1950's Atomic Ranch House front for a while until I can get up to speed on the new computer and photoshop. I must make my money with all my new computer upgrades so I can do all my house upgrades lol.

Meanwhile, my set of atomic dishes to match my atomic coffee cups has yet to arrive from eBay. Remind me again why we shop eBay? Ha! And while my computer crashed, a pair of Caulder mobile print tablecloths sold for only $12... $12!!! And I couldn't bid. =(

Hope you all are doing much better. I promise to get back to regular subject posting asap. =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year and Another New Computer

Well I did it again. I wore out a second computer in as many years.

Long rant ahead, be sure to skip it, I'm just venting for my own mental health lol...

I can tell you from firsthand experience, it's not the end of the world to lose everything you worked on for the last year or two when you kill a computer and have no clue how to back up your files because you relied on someone else who did it, but that person is no longer here and you just didn't get around to learning it yourself because you have no clue what a RAM or gigabyte is or does.

Ahh all the photos lost, all the Word docs with all the tips and such, all the massive amount of photoshop files and .psd's that have to be recreated. Not the end of the world. You just start over. Been there done it twice now.

I'm very hard on my computers, though, so both the one's I killed gave it their best. I run mine 24/7, only restarting when I have to. I run a minimum of 10 software programs, do massive amounts of design work and watch DVDs on them, and have 4 browsers with 20++ tabs across the top at all times, so I do ask a lot from my computers.

My trip to the computer store, something I've been avoiding was less than thrilling. Now I know how to work a computer once she's all set up, and I was weaned and whelped on a Mac, so it's hard to find folks who know how to help me. Sorry, I won't give up my Mac, I'll deal with the learning curve.

But the Apple store was very crowded, the sales guy talked right over my head and out of the computer and stuff I walked in asking for. Funny, he undersold me, not oversold me. Do I look that bad off? Ha. Good, at least I wasn't talked into more stuff than I needed.

Now Apple is usually fantastic, but this guy was lame. I made sure to write Apple a harshly written email about my Apple store shopping experience and how he undersold me. That felt good. =) How do I know I was undersold? Because a computer expert told me what I should get. Why didn't I do just that? because the geek at Apple made sense, and I assumed he knew better. How many times do we make this mistake when we should know better ourselves? Me of all people should have known better. But the store was jammed full, and I felt completely out of my element. I won't make that mistake again. Live and learn.

But I did get a backup system that updates all the time, and when this one crashes, all I have to do is plug it in to the next one, and poof, it restores it like like the way I have this one. I'll be sure to test that in about 3 years before this one takes that final dive off the cliff, and by the way, I never ever had an issue with my Macs, up until the day they died lol...

Now, since this one is big and new and set me back the exact amount as the new year $2010, I know I will be happier with it, because I did have a lot of trouble checking out all of your blogs on my old computer. I expect this one to run like a dream, and allow me to check out all of your blogs with ease. =)

So. . . While I make up for a lot of lost work, my blog posts will be a little sporadic.

Hope your New Year was better than mine!