Thursday, December 10, 2009

Traditional Christmas Candy and Barkcloth

I searched out "Traditional" and "Old Fashioned" Christmas candy, and was surprised to find, not a whole lot came up in my search.

I do remember Mom always having these types of hard candies, the one's with the design inside, and the pillow shaped one's with a little soft candy filling, or jelly-like filling.


But as a kid, my reaction was usually "Blek" lol... As pretty as they were, I didn't care for hard candy.


There is always the ubiquitous candy cane, but we all know about those already. Maybe I'll search gingerbread houses next time.

Meanwhile, and having little to do with Christmas, but oh so very Mid-Century, I saw this barkcloth for sale on eBay and wanted it!


How very atomic Caulder mobiles!

But it was only a rather small piece of material that sold for around $60 grrr. Why do all the coolest designs sell for a lot of money? Ha. I'm going to have to figure out how to print my own curtain designs.


  1. Hi.. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it! It is blogs like yours which inspired me to start my own. I am three posts old :) I would be honored if you would visit me at I have a 60's ranch in Portland Oregon which is how I found you in the first place. Thanks for the enjoyable reading!

  2. What an interesting candy, I don't think I've heard of those before. I wonder if it's something traditionally American?

  3. Hiya vintagebetti! Welcome to the world of blogging lol... We'd love to see lots and lots of photos and stories about the vintage goodies you have, and welcome! Keep posting, more folks will find you as you add more. =)


    I thought ribbon candy might be an English tradition ha ha. That's what I know about traditions lol.....

  4. A local shop carries ribbon candy, and a friend bought a large piece when we were out the other day. I have never cared for it, other than to look at. lol

  5. I LOVE your site and comments. Feels like home. Love having cyber family..HA!