Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank You Readers! Special Thanks to Jitterbugdoll and entrepreneurchick

First of all, thank you, I have over 100 Followers! I try to make sure I join everyone's blog in return (who have a blog) and if I somehow missed yours, don't be shy, drop me a reminder.

I was told I was awarded twice, (Thank You!) and I have to admit, I am really clueless how this kind of thing works! I saw one award and grabbed the image and will add it to my sidebar (right? Is that how it works?), but I think I missed the other? Or was it a mention? My face is red here folks.

To try and make up for my lack of blogging etiquette, please allow me to feature these two wonderful bloggers blogs!

First is the gorgeous Jitterbugdoll.

Wow, talk about a blond bombshell. If only I was half as good looking as she is, I imagine my world would be complete. Jitterbugdoll, you are adorable and your blog is fantastic. She models wonderful vintage clothing and lives the life I hope to someday.
Check her out and add her blog to your favorites!

Second, entrepreneurchick another stunning blond beauty who, like me, works her own businesses. And if I looked half as good as her, I imagine I'd make twice as much ha ha.

Now, for all of you ladies and gents who run your own business(es), from selling lovely vintage items in an online store or auction format, to those of you who have brick and mortar stores and more, you will want to read entrepreneurchicks blog, every bit of it.

She is sharp as a tack when it comes to business, and gives excellent advice, all without trying to sell you on what she personally does herself. I greatly admire this about her. (I never discuss my own businesses specifically online. It's just not my personal style either.)

It's ironic she found my blog because I have several of my own businesses, and am extremely aggressive when it comes to business. I listen carefully to anyone who has made a success in business and apply it to my own. It pays off. Her advice will too.

I could write a lot about what I learned in business, but will do so at her blog, because I come here as a bit of an escape of the time I put into my own businesses, which is pretty much all my time. Literally. And the reason I have not made progress on my home renovation, is because work, when you love your work, becomes so very addicting. If you love your work, you never want to take a vacation. I think Donald Trump said that, but I am sure he "borrowed" it from someone else ha ha.

But if you want to learn about or improve your own businesses, check out and join her blog!

Thank you all once more for being wonderful blog friends!