Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mid-Century Vintage 1950's Christmas Wreaths


Next to aluminum tinsel Christmas trees, I'd say vintage wreaths are the next quintessential Christmas Decoration. Well, unless we include Santas, Christmas stockings, wrapping paper and such lol.

The one pictured above is a bottle brush wreath,, and while I don't personally own one, it's looks a little prickly, like the bottle brush trees. Still lovely and durable, these were made to last.


How cool is this! The "Winken Blinken suction cup battery operated flashing wreath, to hang from a window, even in your car!


The graphics often "sold" the item, and the graphics on this box do not disappoint. I was very tempted to buy this, but at $19.99 (not bad, but still) I let it pass me by.


And the ever popular chenille wreath. Lights and all.


The graphics are not quite as nice on this box, but the wreath is so attractive, I suppose it didn't need to be. These are popular.


Then we have the red cellophane wreath. An inexpensive and durable wreath, usually with some kind of flat cardboard design and lights.


Then we have the old traditional stand-by. The plastic wreath. Durable and color-fast, these last forever (if you can prevent the little holly leaves and berries from being snagged or pulled off).

Mom had two of these in her Christmas things and as kitsch as plastic is, it's getting harder to find these.

Time to go hang my vintage Christmas wreaths!


  1. I absolutely love that first wreath! I want!!! lol

    That red cellophane wreath looks vaguely familiar. I wonder if my parents had one....

    Thank you for the lovely comments about my blog. :-)

  2. Those are all so amazing. I love them all. I can remember my grandmother having things like this in her home back when I was a kid.

  3. I have a silver plastic one with orangish- red colored cranberries as an accent.Then doused in siver glitter. Just lovely!

  4. Thanks for bringing back the memories of Christmas time with my family. Those were good times.

  5. Love your "atomic ranch house" concept! Let me add another wreath memory: the white styrofoam form with shiny, green "aluminum" ribbon wrapped around it, with the red bow and plastic candle. I'm starting my second year in a mid-century modern, split entry house. I'm with you in spirit, sister!

  6. I just got a Santa Wreath like the chenille one above. Only $15 at a flea market. It's the same packaging and everything except with Santa instead of the candles. I was trying to figure out the year (its not on the box). I'm guessing its from the 50's like the one above. I'm so glad I found your page here.