Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mid-Century Stocking Stuffers


Check this cool toy out. The boxes were often colorful like this one. I got toys similar to these in my stocking as a little Baby Boomer kid (right at the end of the Boom, but Boom nonetheless ha ha).

Now check out the action:


So cool!

And the "sparker" toys, like this:

You use your thumb to plunge the plunger in and out, and it makes wheels spin, Santa pops up and down out of the chimney, and "sparks" are created in the windows of this house:

Both of these are for sale for $5 each currently. A real 1950's collectable steal.

I remember one Christmas when our stockings were so full Santa had to place them each on little stools, and they were stuffed with little metal toys like these, in addition to lots of other toys and candies and the traditional orange and walnuts in the toe of the stocking.

When Mom was a girl growing up in Wisconsin during the Depression, getting an orange for Christmas was a very rare treat. So she carried the same tradition with us, even though oranges were common in sunny California. Still are, I have two trees in my back yard. Mom and I planted those about 10 years ago.

There are so many, many wonderful vintage 1950's Christmas things on eBay right now (at great prices) it's hard to decide what to post about!