Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas Mom

Once again, allow me to emphasize, this photo (above) is not mine. I was looking for 1950's Christmas photos when I came across this.

It reminded me how much my Mom loved Christmas, and how one year she bought two of those plastic light-up soldiers to put on the front lawn, and then built a whole candy castle out of cardboard, making styrofoam lollipops to add to the scene. She painted the castle pink, made glitter cones for the finials and painted red swirls on the lollypops. I think it was from 'The March of the Soldiers' from 'Swan Lake?'
Anyways, she had us all help her set it up with a light stuck in the lawn to light it up.

And then it rained, and her wonderful display melted! I wish I had photos of it.

But Mom loved every holiday, Christmas her favorite. Yes, finally, these next two photos are mine!!


Clearly I suck at taking photos of photos lol, but here she is in 1955 with her beloved Spanial Tuck.

And about the same time, here she is at Calvert Beach, Maryland (?) where she met my Dad, at a vegetarian camp, of all places. Neither were vegetarians.


At any rate, no matter what the circumstances, she would decorate for every holiday, even if it was a few paper cut-outs and a few small flags, for Fourth of July, for example.

Christmas was her favorite, and I hope to have her beloved Christmas things displayed next year (fingers crossed I have the rooms in shape by then).

So I suppose this is a bit of an indulgent post, but I miss her terribly, and Christmas just isn't the same without her. But she did leave me with some wonderful memories.

Hug your own loved one's for me this season and be sure to appreciate them as much as possible. Remember, it's not the gifts under the tree, but the gifts of family and love that matter.


  1. Your mom was a beautiful woman! How funny they met at a vegetarian camp weren't they weren't vegetarian! That must be some story! lol Merry Christmas!

  2. I love how your parents met at a vegetarian camp! That's just wonderful!

    Your mum sounds like a wonderful woman!

  3. Your mother was gorgeous. That was a beautiful post. Cherish your memories.

  4. So touching. I love how we all look in black and white photos...especially loved ones that I love and miss.

  5. My Mother is the same way. There are holiday dishes for everything and decorations for everything. Even on the boat there has to be 4th of July cups and plates and things. There is so much stuff it's mind blowing. Dysfunction is a good word. LOL! God help you if you drink Coke out of a can! She's right in behind you rattling a waterford crystal glass of ice, "Don't you want a glass of ice like the rest of the grown up's dear?"

    She and her sister were both just fanatical about Christmas. I have a lot of 1950's decorations from my Aunt after she died.

    Mother still takes a ruler and measures the distance between the swags of tinsel. They MUST be uniform! And I can't tell you how many times I've been up until the wee hours of the morning either wallpapering or repainting a room with her because it looked shabby to her. And there are no excuses! She will come to your house and drag you out of bed! LOL!

    "Get over here! This dining room looks awful!"
    Well congratulations. Whaddya want me to do about it?
    "We are going to repaint!"
    What's this WE stuff?
    " you and me...that's who we is?"
    Mother, it's 10:30!
    "I know what time it is! I can tell time!"
    Un huh....well according to Bulova Watch Time, I'm already in bed.
    "Not anymore you're not! Now get over here!"
    Mother! I...

    (Dial her right back)

    Mother did you just hang up on me?
    "I don't know. Did it sound something like this? CLICK!"


  6. This will be our first Christmas without Mom. Although she was pretty far gone with Alzheimers for the last two years of her life, at least we had her physical presence. Now we just have our memories and photographs. I loved your post.

  7. Thank you all for the responses!

    Mom loved decorating, but she wasn't as particular as yours, anon lol... In fact, she would just put up stuff wherever she could find space.

    (((Hugs))) going out to Vintage Christine. After Dad had his stroke, he was never the same mentally. It was heartbreaking. Many hugs to you.