Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas from 1950's Atomic Ranch House

OK, so my last single photo of my outrageous holiday decorating wasn't enough.

Here, in case you missed it:

Yes, here at 1950's Atomic Ranch House, I go all out lol...


So I finally have most all my lamps set up in the living room and took a few photos of them, since I have spent the last week trying to get the last of the "stuff" cleared out of that room for impending guest.

First up is my $100 dollar eBay lamp disaster! Eh, after living with it for a year, and seeing it finally sitting on this vintage formica two-tier side table, it's not so bad... *cough*
Oh yes, please note the holiday garlands carefully clumped on the lower shelf.

Another lamp that has little stars shining through the black metal cone. Here I have carefully displayed it on one of those vintage metal rolling tables normally used for a typewriter, you know, the pre-computer deal with the keys. My Glade thing looks so festive.

In this next photo I have shamelessly digitally darkened the fireplace so you can't see the 50+ years of dust on it. You know, it took me hours to get the dust clumps exactly where I wanted them to be.

I love this original to the house painting of the western California coastline, but a sea theme is not what I want, so it will be stashed somewhere. As soon as I can figure out where that somewhere is. Oh, slat table I snagged at a thrift whoo-hoo!

Plastic wreath, it must be Christmas!
If anyone knows how to wash off bricks without making a major mess, please share your secrets.

Yikes! This looks so small it looks like some dollhouse stuff!
Please pretend I have also painted this vintage table black and not the ugly green it is now.

Ahh, that's better. One of the best investments I ever made were the two boomerang ashtrays on little tripods.

And my sizable Atomic sculpture thingie. Advertised as "1950's" but the brand new "Made in China" sticker on the bottom sort of gave it away. I'd have been mad at the eBay seller who mislead me, except it only cost me $10. Ha! I love it, love it regardless.

And what 1950's Atomic Ranch House could be complete without a starburst atomic clock? Only $15 at Wal Mart. Yeah, sometimes you have to go with repros because they are too affordable to pass up.

Now, you see how far I have come in the last year? Hardly any! Walls still need painting, floors sanded, plumbing, electrical and more than I care to list. So when you complain about your home project, please look to mine as the slowest home fix on the net! Ha!

Merry, Merry everyone!


  1. I love that clock. Walmart, who knew?

    I challenge you my friend in the slowest home fix contest (8 years on one room?). lol

  2. I liked the clock the best and I would not have guessed it would be at Walmart either.

    You have some VERY unique ideas when it comes to decorations.

    I am off to look at your archives.


  3. Ha ha Carole you are adorable, but this house has needed fixing up for much longer than 8 years.

    One thing at a time, I keep telling myself.

    Hiya and welcome Tom. Yes here at 1950's Ranch House I take decorating to a whole new level lol.....

  4. That clock's a fun, chrome version of George Nelson's classic 1948 wall clock. They're still in production, but are about $350 each! This Walmart one is a *little* more affordable! :)

    And I really, *really* love your atomic planetarium thingy!

  5. I hate Walmart but every once in awhile they'll surprise me with something I like--that clock is super! Your lamps are awesome, girlfriend, and those ashtrays . . . where did you get them???? I want one!

  6. AHA! another 50s ranch lover! It's great to see other people out there like me! Checkout my blog, I need some retro friends :)

  7. Boomerang ashtrays from eBay.

    Note that reproductions are being sold all the time. They tend to have very bright, new shiny wire tripod stands. If you don't mind they are repros, you can easily get them.

    I bought these not caring what they were, but turned out to be vintage. =)

    Hiya Keith, off to check out your blog.

  8. I have that same clock and speaking off repros I also have an L.L.Bean Moonbeam clock!

  9. Vintage Moonbeams are easy to snag off eBay at good prices these days. I always meant to get one...

    *adds it to my to-do list*