Friday, December 11, 2009

I Remember...

OK, this may be completely silly, but I have the idea stuck in my head, so I'm going with it!

What do you remember from your childhood, or maybe your grandparents house?

I remember:

Blond furniture in my parents house.

Drive-in movies.

Black and white TV.

The first man on the moon.



My Dads 1957 Saratoga.

Atomic used to be a scary thing.

Watching Our Gang and The Little Rascals on Saturdays, or was it Sundays?

When thrift stores looked like antique shops (but at the time, they were just junk shops).

The Cold War.

A lot more WWll vets.

Using my imagination to play, not having the toys all featured from TV shows.

When smoking was cool lol.

Cars had fender curb whiskers on them.

Seatbelts were optional.

Hand-mixing cake mix.

Waffle irons.

OK, that's enough for now!

What do YOU remember?