Friday, December 11, 2009

I Remember...

OK, this may be completely silly, but I have the idea stuck in my head, so I'm going with it!

What do you remember from your childhood, or maybe your grandparents house?

I remember:

Blond furniture in my parents house.

Drive-in movies.

Black and white TV.

The first man on the moon.



My Dads 1957 Saratoga.

Atomic used to be a scary thing.

Watching Our Gang and The Little Rascals on Saturdays, or was it Sundays?

When thrift stores looked like antique shops (but at the time, they were just junk shops).

The Cold War.

A lot more WWll vets.

Using my imagination to play, not having the toys all featured from TV shows.

When smoking was cool lol.

Cars had fender curb whiskers on them.

Seatbelts were optional.

Hand-mixing cake mix.

Waffle irons.

OK, that's enough for now!

What do YOU remember?


  1. Im proavbly to young to be telling these, but

    Plastic on the davenport and chairs.

    KitKat Clock


    A lot of old Junk (I later grew up and discovered 1 by 1 were treasures.

    and Black and white photographs, since 1 was 7 every time i go to grandmas, i can spend hours looking at them


  2. I remember cars with no seat belts and as a kid would sit in my mom's lap. lol I remember a time before video games, DVDs and CDs.

  3. I remember our first color television.

    I remember watching My Three Sons on that tv and loving Chip.

    I remember when JFK was assassinated and how sad and confused I was.

    I remember the very first time the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.

    I remember Mr. Ed the talking horse.

    I remember our Morris Minor.

    I remember my first car, a 1950 Buick Dyna-flow given to me by my Grandma.

    Thanks for that post and stirring up all those great memories.

  4. I had older parents (mom was 42 when she had me, which back then was shocking - lol). I remember;

    The Danish modern blond wood bedroom set

    veneer furniture

    console tv (which was black and white)

    console record player/radio combo

    candy cigarettes

    drive-in movies (we still have one locally)

    first man on the moon

    Bobby Kennedy's assassination (though I was quite young)

    my dads pink cadillac with fins and bullet lights

    bakelite radio

    transistor radio's

    hula hoops

    Autumn Leaf (by Hall) dishes/bakeware

    Jadite as regular dishware

    Fun posting, and it really got me thinking!

  5. Sorry, but I had to come back and add a couple more things...I also remember;

    The plastic light up Santa that was taller than me (I was five)

    Aluminum tree with electric colored rotating light

    Hamburger Helper

  6. =D

    My folks were much older when I was born too, Carole, so know what that was like.

    Thanks all for sharing!

  7. I remember all of those things! My transistor radio was my favorite present as a kid. I lived with that thing glued to my ear. Ahhh, such wonderful memories of Christmas past. Thanks!

  8. Ah yes, I had a transistor radio too. As long as I had one of those little square batteries, I thought I really had some special piece of modern technology. And mine had an earplug! I'd listen to it late into the night.=)

  9. Oh, my gosh! I am 62, so I could go on and on. I might come back and post when I remember other stuff and have more time. Like Carole, my mother was 42 when I was born, too. However, she was 15 when my oldest sister was born. Her husband was a builder(sister) and she had WONDERFUL mid-century houses and furnishings.
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