Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favorite Christmas Memories

Nope, this isn't my family, nor me at Christmas. I think after all the excitement of my older my siblings, my folks were burned out on the "taking photos at holidays" deal by the time I came along, so I have to borrow others' photos ha. I think I have photos of one of my folks' early trees. A lot of slides and such were taken of one tree, I assume it's the first one they had in their new home (this house). But the hanging lamp is different than the one that's in the living room now, so it's a mystery.

At any rate, for some reason, it's difficult to remember my early Christmas memories. Maybe because I didn't have photos to remind me over the years? Dad took some home movies of my siblings fighting over a red peddle car they got one year. Mom thought they'd happily share, but instead they fought like crazy over it.

I do remember coming into the living room one Christmas and seeing what looked like a ton of gifts. and our stockings so full, Santa had to put them on little stools they were so heavy. Even toys in our socks!

And when I was about 5 I wanted a pony. When I was 8, Mom told me that if I learned everything there was to know about caring for one, she'd get me one.

I think she thought that wish would pass, but instead I set about reading every single horse book in the local library, and every library in a 20 miles radius.

I begged and pleaded with Mom, and when I was 13 Mom finally agreed, and with Dads tax return money, I got my beloved pony.

That Christmas, somehow Dad rented a small horse trailer, and we brought my pony to my house for Christmas. I live in a suburban area, not zoned for horses, but it was always a dream for me to have my pony in my backyard for Christmas, and I finally did, after all those years of waiting.

I'll never forget that Christmas.

What was your favorite Christmas memory?