Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ecclectic Mid-Century Christmas


A bit of a mixed grab-bag today.

These Christmas cards look to be from the late 1940's-early 1950's because of the more streamline Art Deco design (which I adore).

OK, so this is a modern reproduction, but it's kitsch! A Soda Jerk Sock Hop radio that also plays 1950's Christmas music:

Don't laugh, it sold for $60 lol.

I was considering this tule net and felt kitsch Christmas tablecloth, but when I read the fine print, the red cloth underneath was a separate material not included:

Ahhh Angel Hair. Do any of you remember this stuff on your tree as a kid? I do. I remember Dad telling us kids not to touch it as it was made out of spun glass and could cut our fingers. Not sure about that (or if he simply didn't want us messing with it), but I never touched it:

I've said it before. I have some kind of strange fascination when I see things on eBay I already own, so when I saw these vintage wooden angels, I had to grab the photo:

And last but not least for today, good 'ol tin tinsel, the real tinsel:

The kind that would clump and become one big lump of foil if you squeezed it together (which I did once as a kid and ruined our tinsel that year ugh lol). Nowadays it seems to be made out of some kind of plastic or mylar.

I hope you are making wonderful plans for this Holiday season and have decorated already!


  1. Hussy Angels in blue, virginal in white!

  2. This morning, my husband and I had quite the talk about angel hair AND tinsle!

    He was telling me that his mom had one of those trees that were alum. and she'd add X-mas balls, real peppermint candy canes and angel hair to keep the kids out of the tree!

    I said, "She put all THAT on the tree? Talk about overkill..."

    But then I shared a story of how my mother would put loads and loads of tinsel on the tree, and one year, they filmed my dad, I think hopped up on a little bouron, THROWING a big, hulking glump of it on the tree. Oh, yeah. Really funny, Daddy.

  3. "bourbon"- why does the comment section not have a spell check, I ask you?

  4. Oh yes, I remember angel hair, and the real deal tinsel.

    I love those Christmas cards!

    I saved that picture of that bottle brush wreath you posted the other day (for reference). I'm going to make something similar using tinsel garland. I've already purchased the retro colored glass ornaments to put on it.

    My parents had the silver aluminum tree as well, and they added red glass balls to it. Then the elelctric color wheel was added.

  5. My daddy told us not to handle the angel hair too! And do you remember taking pieces of tinsel and running your finger nails straight down to make it curl up! That always kept me busy for a while. I have such great memories of childhood Christmases! I got that wiggly Thumbelina that played "Go to Sleep little baby" when I was 6. Haha
    Thanks for sharing the memorable pics!

  6. Isn't it funny how we all have "tinsel memories"? Growing up, we'd always start out being very careful about putting one strand of tinsel on several sections of each branch, and after awhile, we'd just start throwing it at the tree. So the bourbon may or may not have had anything to do with the clump and throw! Louisiana throws alot of real trees into the wetlands in an effort to keep them intact and they can only use tinsel-less trees, so most people don't use tinsel if they're going to recycle. But then they go ahead and toss their broken refrigerator in the local bayou. Go figure.

  7. Oh my gosh, I love your stories!

    Tinsel and angel hair.

    Funny, I remember my brothers and I carefully placing one strand of tinsel all around and around the tree, then losing patience and tossing bigger and bigger clumps too! Ha ha.

    And we always seemed to have cat friends around, so our cats would always climb the tree and knock off and break some ornaments. I think that's why Mom got so many wooden and plastic ornaments in the late '70's, early '80's.

    Thank you everyone for sharing and making me smile this fine morning. =)

  8. Your Dad was right about the angel hair it was made of glas! i've had it in my fingers too!!!
    years later they made it from a sort of plastic!