Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ecclectic Mid-Century Christmas


A bit of a mixed grab-bag today.

These Christmas cards look to be from the late 1940's-early 1950's because of the more streamline Art Deco design (which I adore).

OK, so this is a modern reproduction, but it's kitsch! A Soda Jerk Sock Hop radio that also plays 1950's Christmas music:

Don't laugh, it sold for $60 lol.

I was considering this tule net and felt kitsch Christmas tablecloth, but when I read the fine print, the red cloth underneath was a separate material not included:

Ahhh Angel Hair. Do any of you remember this stuff on your tree as a kid? I do. I remember Dad telling us kids not to touch it as it was made out of spun glass and could cut our fingers. Not sure about that (or if he simply didn't want us messing with it), but I never touched it:

I've said it before. I have some kind of strange fascination when I see things on eBay I already own, so when I saw these vintage wooden angels, I had to grab the photo:

And last but not least for today, good 'ol tin tinsel, the real tinsel:

The kind that would clump and become one big lump of foil if you squeezed it together (which I did once as a kid and ruined our tinsel that year ugh lol). Nowadays it seems to be made out of some kind of plastic or mylar.

I hope you are making wonderful plans for this Holiday season and have decorated already!