Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Atomic Christmas

I want an atomic Christmas! waaa lol... Photo above nabbed off the internet grrr because I really don't have any Christmas stuff up for this year (floors still need to be sanded and varnished, walls painted, etc etc...)

OK, I have this, which is what I basically posted back in July, except now I have vintage plastic holly garlands and wreaths ha ha.


Yes dear readers, I really went all-out this year! *snicker*

So I have to content myself with browsing all your wonderful vintage Holiday photos and nabbing more pics off of google lol.

Or you can go check out Atomic Playhouses' blog and dream like I did. These are from last year, we want more photos! lol..

Well, I'm short on the inspiration again today. I think I'll cruise eBay and see what goodies I can drool over and post more about. =D


  1. I'm with you, I would love a house filled to the brim with kitsch and atomic goodness! lol

    Circle 7-2099

  2. Those shades are devoon! Did you get them with the lights or are they vintage repro? I'm still decorating and will probably finish up just in time to take everything down.

  3. The lamps are vintage, bought on eBay for a song lol...

    Ha ha, I fear if I started to decorate, at this point, I'll be done by Jan. 3rd.

  4. I really want that pink tree!

    And your little reindeer are awesome! I love you have one investigating the lamp! Nice touch. :)

  5. I've got to say, if I didn't decorate because of remodeling I'd never decorate. lol

    I had hoped to have my kitchen completely finished by Christmas this year....not to be. I still need sills around my windows (my fault for not staining them), and the backsplash tile up (not finished because of the sills - a vicious cycle really). I'm so tired of remodeling.

    Btw, after seeing (and falling in love with) that bottle brush wreath you posted a while back, I decided to make a faux version. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Not the real thing, but it will do (for now). :-)

  6. I have to, MUST restrain myself from buying more vintage Christmas things, but I want a bottlebrush wreath!

  7. The tree above is my tree from last year (2008)it was posted on Flickr. I came across your blog just now. Just a friendly reminder that if you get pictures online you should link to the original source.