Friday, December 25, 2009

1950's Vintage Collection

Clicky-click on the images to see bigger copies.

These are pictures of pictures, and not great pictures, either. But these are the only photos I have of my vintage collection on the shelves in my Studio.

My chrome kitchen appliances didn't show up along the top. But I have a few of those.

I took these about 5-6 or more years ago, because I had bought a lot of this stuff on eBay, then resold a good portion of it on eBay.

I collected it, then needed a bit of money, and I thought I had too much of it (I didn't have the house yet to put it all in) so at the peak of collecting, I snapped these photos.

I still have this vintage baby crib, purchased at a Thrift for $10. One of the few times I got a really good deal. I put some of Mom's hand sewn dolls in it when I put it in the pink room.

So what do you think? Too much?

I paid very little for any one item, but then I had a lot of little things.

I see something on one of the shelves I know I didn't sell, but don't know where it is. Isn't that frustrating?

The only thing I regret selling is a big box of plastic flowers, because they are difficult to find on eBay, I'd gotten a deal for $9 and turned around and resold it for about $75 back on eBay. Go figure! I know why, you cannot find them in large lots.

At any rate, please tell me I don't have the biggest collection ha!