Sunday, December 27, 2009

1950's New Year

My goodness, is another year about to tick over already? The older I get, the faster time seems to fly by.

By the way, as usual, these are not my family photos, but family photos I "borrowed" from others on the net. By the time I finally came along, and grew a bit, the importance of taking pictures wasn't a big priority. And Dad would take photos, but never get the film developed, so I was lost for much of my youth. Meh, doesn't matter, I'll have fun with these folks' memories.

What do I remember about celebrating each New Year growing up? Watching the count down in Times Square on our black and white, then finally color TV set.

I alway had insomnia (still do, I'd like to think a brilliant brain never wants to sleep lol) so staying up until Midnight wasn't usually a problem.

Dad would get those little poppers. They look like little plastic champagne bottles with a string around the neck. You point them towards the room, pull the string and POP! Little colored paper streamers came out. I was too frightened to pop them (always afraid I'd burn my little artistic fingers), but I was fascinated by the tiny paper rolls of streamers that came out of them. If some weren't unrolled, I'd help them along.

I know they still make those paper streamer poppers, because I have some left from 2000, during the millennium excitement. Our computers didn't crash, did they? Heh.

I used to hear some of the neighbors banging on pots and pans out front. I always thought that was dumb. No offense to those of you who did or do this, I was a kid who was of modest means, and to me, banging pots and pans confirmed to the world that you didn't have any horns to toot or poppers to pop instead. Maybe I was wrong, but, kids will be kids.

And then they'd drop the ball at Times Square, we'd pop the poppers, listen to the horns blowing, Mom and Dad had champagne, I'm sure we had kid drinks, and we'd drag off to bed to watch the local Rose Parade on TV the next morning.

What do you remember about celebrating the New Year when you were young?


  1. I remember the first year I had someone to kiss at midnight. I felt so grown up and romantic. It didn't last...Thank God!


  2. Oh how funny--we banged pots and pans, too (were we neighbors??). It made so much more noise than those poppers! Getting to stay up until midnight was such a big deal that we didn't care that it was New Year's Eve! Of course now it's just impossible to stay up that late, plus I'm going to an estate auction on January 1 that involves some drive time. Now THAT'S my idea of a great time!

  3. I have insomnia too: sucks, doesn't it? Though it comes in handy on days like this! :D

    I remember New Years with my family growing up always watching Clive James (an Australian tv personality/comedian) on the BBC.

  4. New Year's Eve was often spent sleeping over at a relative's home...something that seemed so worldly, akin to travelling (which we did not do much). My sisters and I would pack our little overnight suitcases and get ready for the big night of staying up late...or at least trying to!

    Hope you have a wonderful new years eve!

  5. awww, one New Year my first boyfriend and I were to spend it at my folks' house, but 10 minutes before midnight, suddenly he wanted to go to his Moms house with me in tow. Off we went just in time to miss it by 30 seconds. No wonder he is an "ex" lol...

    Christine, hope you weren't offended by my pot-banging comment. I was a dumb kid! =D

    Insomnia is a curse at times, other times a blessing I suppose.

    And I love that staying with a relative was like travel! I never knew my relatives, all on the opposite coast by design, by my Moms doing. I don't blame her once I got to hear the stories ha!

  6. Great blog...really enjoyed the nostalgic visit