Friday, December 4, 2009

1950's Christmas Trees


How sweet are these vintage bottlebrush trees? And this one I decided to feature on my Blog logo ^Up there. I sure would have loved to buy it, but I knew it would sell for a fair amount of money, and it did. $61 and standing at 9" tall, it's a sizable one, but I have a whole closet full, FULL of vintage holiday goodies, and just tried to stuff all my Fall/Halloween stuff in there yesterday, so I let this slide by with so many other wonderful vintage Christmas goodies I see on eBay. Sigh. I kept thinking about Doc Atomics advice on collecting: Don't buy it unless you cannot live without it. Arg. He's right.


My eye seems to be drawn to pure mid-century kitsch. We all have an aluminum 1950's Christmas tree, right? I do. But how many of us has a mid-century plastic tree?


Once again, I watched as this sold for a mere, MERE $15.50.


But . . . I just don't have room for it. =( Boo.

But how very cool, and how very retro.