Sunday, December 13, 2009

1950's Christmas Photos

Allow me to emphasize these are NOT my family photos!

But I love looking at these. Mostly I love looking at the stuff in the rooms ha ha.You know, the real mid-century stuff.

This poor kid looks frightened of the giant tree behind him lol...

Here's what I'm talking about. I want this furniture!

And this looks like a Dad relaxing during the holidays.

OK, so this post is not as inspired as others. Some days I just can't think of any clever ideas!

Hope your holidays are going smoothly.


  1. I'm with you, gimme that furniture! lol

  2. Those are great photos! The epitome of a vintage christmas :-)

  3. Fun photos. Makes me want to dig out the one of me and my parents in front of the aluminum tree (I was just learning to walk).

  4. I found your blog doing a google search for retro Christmas images, and I just love it! That little boy is too cute. Thanks for digging up all these neat photos to show us!

  5. When I can think of nothing else to post about, old photos are always a good save lol...

    Carole, you must post your photos!

  6. I am so glad I found your blog just before Christmas! I look at your pictures and get those warm feelings of my childhood Christmases. The pictures are so funny now but didn't we have some great Christmases in the 60's? I love it all!

  7. Oh I loved those flocked Christmas trees. Wish they still made the stuff. I'd have another one. Still have all the big lights to put on it too.

  8. We always flocked our tree and there were many mishaps with that slippery stuff. Back then, the wires on the lights were red and green and my aunt couldn't stand them showing. She would dress the tree with lights first. Then she would go back and unscrew all the bulbs. She wanted the sockets and wires covered in the flock but not the bulbs.

    So after the tree dried and she brought it in, then it was hunt and peck trying to find all the empty sockets to put the bulbs back in. BZZZZZRT! Found one!

    She and Mother had a witches brew to keep the tree alive. It had bleach, Kayro Syrup and micronized iron which you can't buy anymore. It would plump that tree back up! The first time she used it she put the solution in after she flocked the tree. The next morning the tree had plumped up so much it knocked all the flock off it! NEON GREEN too! LOL!

    Daddy always made me test the lights so he could laugh at me when they popped. To this day I'm still scared to plug anything in I'm not sure of. Thanks Pop!

  9. Daddy drank a lot and he hated Christmas. His phrase every time we tried to put the tree up was, "Do you HAVE to do that now? I'm trying to watch the ballgame!" So Mother finally bought him a TV for his room so he'd shut up and leave us alone.

    One year she was nagging him to bring the tree in. He was drunk as usual and went out cussing and slamming things. The tree was about a foot too tall. He wanted to watch his ballgame and Mother was nipping at him to trim the tree back so we could get started. It pissed him off! He got a saw and instead of cuting the trunk back, he cut the top off! It was already in the stand and he wasn't about to take the time to take it out.

    They fought and yelled. He cussed, she cried and he finally just left. Mother took dowels rods, Elmer's glue and tape and recreated the top of that tree. It was the prettiest tree we ever had. LOL!

  10. What a Christmas treasure your Mom was! Joyce