Friday, November 13, 2009

1950’s Thanksgiving

Yikes! I come back after a couple weeks and see I have 20 new followers! Thank you all, I do appreciate!

It’s that time of year, turkey time, and I have honestly been working my little behind off on some new websites and such. I don’t know time-saving programs like Dreamweaver, but I do know html. So I’m building them from scratch, so to speak.

One of the problems is, I am working on business-related blogs too, so I am signed into those blogs these days, which makes it difficult to make a quick post to this blog. Not much of an excuse, I know, but, I must work harder like so many of us during this economy.

I have also had zero, and I mean zero time to do anything on my home, no time to browse eBay or any vintage shops at all. This does not make me happy because I imagine some wonderful mid-century items are slipping out of my hands. Sigh

And I have to be honest. The holidays are not an easy time for me. No, I won’t sing you my blues ha ha we all have them, but with my close family having passed away and friends, love them, but they have their own Thanksgiving plans, I tend to throw myself into my work harder than ever until Christmas, so I don’t have time to be blue.

I vowed I would start celebrating holidays again this year, hence the small Halloween table display. I kept all my Fall colors out and plan on ordering a Turkey dinner from the store like my family used to. I think I had a TV dinner the past three years, so it’s about time. The cats will be thrilled.

And I do apologize for not having more posts for you all lately. I have not abandoned this at all, just have to claw harder than ever to earn a living. The work project will be done soon (fingers crossed) and I can relax a bit more. I want to be sure to do a lot of blogging for Christmas!

p.s. I will read over all the new comments, and comment too! Thanks again for understanding, and for all your thoughts. Much appreciated! I hope to have time to visit all of your blogs as well. I have a lot of catching up to do. =)


  1. These are such awesome ads, I love vintage ads especially holiday ones! I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving this year!

  2. I have anxiously been awaiting another post from you.

    I've a question- this blog button that you have, you made that? It's awesome. (Let's be blog friends..") Can I put that on my blog too?

    AND, I adore the sexy woman saying "Happy Thanksgiving". WHERE do you get all this cool stuff? Fabulous!

  3. Hi Maggi, and same to you!

    Hiya Entrepreneur Chick (I love that name) yes of course you can grab my "Blog Friends" pic!

  4. Oh I google a lot, and dare I say I guess I am stealing images lol I hope no one ever gets mad at me. *blush*

  5. How hard is it to have a blogging family Thanksgiving celebration? I am so lucky to have my extended family so close by, however, should you find yourself in NC, one more person would be more than welcome. Lord knows, we'll be eating leftovers until Christmas!

  6. Chickens in the Basement ... How sweet you are! Thank you kindly for your wonderful offer, but I'm afraid NC is a bit far away from me. =) I picked up a turkey dinner order form at my local store. They make a wonderful dinner ready to heat. All will be well.

  7. Great blog, so glad I found you, Dianne

  8. Great pics--love the pinup pilgram :-)

    By the way, I gave you a blog award—check out my blog for details :-)

  9. Wow, thank you so much Jitterbug! I tried to 'follow' your blog and am having issues, but will figure it out asap. =)

  10. I have all of Mother's ornaments from she and Daddy's first Christmas and some of Grandmother's and my aunt's. It's a very sentimental display at Christmas.

    Now Thanksgiving? Oh lord! That is just organized torture with my Mother. She invented procrastination. Mother still is Donna Reed and everything must be perfect. There is specific holiday dishware, decorations, silverware, toilet name it. And she never starts getting it ready until the night before.

    And like I mentioned in another post, there is always some major crisis of entirely redecorating a room that MUST take place the eve of the holiday. You can set your watch by it. LOL!

    We say dinner at 12:00 and you can bet your life it will be 2 or 3 before the first clink of the fork hits the plate. That's Mother!

    She waits until the last minute to start cooking the food and slamming pots and pans - yelling at everybody,

    "Get over here and make the tea!"
    Are you gonna yell at me?
    "I MIGHT!"
    Mother, I'm in my 40's now. Don't treat me like a 12 year old.

    Once the food is ready - NOW she has to go take a shower, fix her hair, do her makeup while we all wait. Then she comes flouncing out of the bathroom and we are dinning at the Waldorf. TAH DAH!!!

    Yeah its frustrating! But you just have to laugh at her. The end result will be high class. She certainly does know how to put on the dog. Just getting there is the issue. LOL!

    "I don't wanna go eat over at your Mother's."
    "She won't let me drink Coke out of a can and there's too many forks."
    Just shut up and work your way in from the outside.
    "How did you learn all this?"
    I got tired of being in a cast from her kicking me under the table with pointed shoes.
    "She did that?!!"
    Use the wrong fork and see what happens. Got some shin guards?