Friday, November 13, 2009

1950’s Thanksgiving

Yikes! I come back after a couple weeks and see I have 20 new followers! Thank you all, I do appreciate!

It’s that time of year, turkey time, and I have honestly been working my little behind off on some new websites and such. I don’t know time-saving programs like Dreamweaver, but I do know html. So I’m building them from scratch, so to speak.

One of the problems is, I am working on business-related blogs too, so I am signed into those blogs these days, which makes it difficult to make a quick post to this blog. Not much of an excuse, I know, but, I must work harder like so many of us during this economy.

I have also had zero, and I mean zero time to do anything on my home, no time to browse eBay or any vintage shops at all. This does not make me happy because I imagine some wonderful mid-century items are slipping out of my hands. Sigh

And I have to be honest. The holidays are not an easy time for me. No, I won’t sing you my blues ha ha we all have them, but with my close family having passed away and friends, love them, but they have their own Thanksgiving plans, I tend to throw myself into my work harder than ever until Christmas, so I don’t have time to be blue.

I vowed I would start celebrating holidays again this year, hence the small Halloween table display. I kept all my Fall colors out and plan on ordering a Turkey dinner from the store like my family used to. I think I had a TV dinner the past three years, so it’s about time. The cats will be thrilled.

And I do apologize for not having more posts for you all lately. I have not abandoned this at all, just have to claw harder than ever to earn a living. The work project will be done soon (fingers crossed) and I can relax a bit more. I want to be sure to do a lot of blogging for Christmas!

p.s. I will read over all the new comments, and comment too! Thanks again for understanding, and for all your thoughts. Much appreciated! I hope to have time to visit all of your blogs as well. I have a lot of catching up to do. =)