Monday, November 30, 2009

1950's Christmas Ornaments

Look at that. The first glance at "vintage christmas ornaments" on eBay and I find the same vintage glass rose ornaments Mom bought about 30 years ago. Not quite "mid-century" per se, but there is something exciting about seeing "your" item om eBay. Or am I just being silly? Ha ha.

So many ornament auctions, and great prices too! I checked this past October and they were selling really well. Now the price seems to have gone down, at the peak of the season. Just a few more wouldn't hurt, right?

The vintage mercury bell ornaments. So sweet. I have one of the modest plastic glitter bells myself:

And the beautiful Poland vintage Christmas ornaments, painted with lovely colors:

The stenciled vintage ornaments:

And the "lots" of vintage ornaments of all kids. :::drool:::

Hangers! Don't forget the vintage Christmas ornament hangers! Check out these wonderful mid-century graphic designs on these modest little boxes. These are currently selling for only a few dollars:

I will be checking out more ornaments and other vintage 1950's Christmas items, and will post up the very best right here!