Monday, November 30, 2009

1950's Christmas Ornaments

Look at that. The first glance at "vintage christmas ornaments" on eBay and I find the same vintage glass rose ornaments Mom bought about 30 years ago. Not quite "mid-century" per se, but there is something exciting about seeing "your" item om eBay. Or am I just being silly? Ha ha.

So many ornament auctions, and great prices too! I checked this past October and they were selling really well. Now the price seems to have gone down, at the peak of the season. Just a few more wouldn't hurt, right?

The vintage mercury bell ornaments. So sweet. I have one of the modest plastic glitter bells myself:

And the beautiful Poland vintage Christmas ornaments, painted with lovely colors:

The stenciled vintage ornaments:

And the "lots" of vintage ornaments of all kids. :::drool:::

Hangers! Don't forget the vintage Christmas ornament hangers! Check out these wonderful mid-century graphic designs on these modest little boxes. These are currently selling for only a few dollars:

I will be checking out more ornaments and other vintage 1950's Christmas items, and will post up the very best right here!

It's Time For A Vintage Mid-Century Christmas!

I love bowls full of vintage ornaments, don't you? Every time I see a photo like this on eBay, I want to buy it. It talk myself out of it (because I have so many already) and then I tell myself to do the same thing with my own ornaments. Put them in bowls and cups and whatever I have.

Don't think I have many "fancy" vintage ornaments like these, so I might have to work on that a bit. It gives me an excuse to buy more. Ha.

I can't wait to see what's happening on eBay. I have been working my entrepreneurial self like crazy the past month ('tis the season to get all our businesses charging strong for the holiday season) and now it's time to let that do the work for me, and have a little fun time. I bet I have missed some good deals on eBay waaaa, and have missed my blog friends!

Wow, 99 followers! Yikes, I know most of you do wonderful give-aways, but I won't commit to that until I can be sure I have the time to give it the attention it needs. What to give away?

It's time to put away all my vintage Fall decorations and get out the Christmas one's. Not all of them. Still so much house renovating to do. And a guest to prep for in a few weeks, but I am going to get a few things out and displayed. I hope all of you are doing the same. I will be cruising your blogs to see what's up.

And now, to see what mid-century holiday wonders eBay has!

Friday, November 13, 2009

1950’s Thanksgiving

Yikes! I come back after a couple weeks and see I have 20 new followers! Thank you all, I do appreciate!

It’s that time of year, turkey time, and I have honestly been working my little behind off on some new websites and such. I don’t know time-saving programs like Dreamweaver, but I do know html. So I’m building them from scratch, so to speak.

One of the problems is, I am working on business-related blogs too, so I am signed into those blogs these days, which makes it difficult to make a quick post to this blog. Not much of an excuse, I know, but, I must work harder like so many of us during this economy.

I have also had zero, and I mean zero time to do anything on my home, no time to browse eBay or any vintage shops at all. This does not make me happy because I imagine some wonderful mid-century items are slipping out of my hands. Sigh

And I have to be honest. The holidays are not an easy time for me. No, I won’t sing you my blues ha ha we all have them, but with my close family having passed away and friends, love them, but they have their own Thanksgiving plans, I tend to throw myself into my work harder than ever until Christmas, so I don’t have time to be blue.

I vowed I would start celebrating holidays again this year, hence the small Halloween table display. I kept all my Fall colors out and plan on ordering a Turkey dinner from the store like my family used to. I think I had a TV dinner the past three years, so it’s about time. The cats will be thrilled.

And I do apologize for not having more posts for you all lately. I have not abandoned this at all, just have to claw harder than ever to earn a living. The work project will be done soon (fingers crossed) and I can relax a bit more. I want to be sure to do a lot of blogging for Christmas!

p.s. I will read over all the new comments, and comment too! Thanks again for understanding, and for all your thoughts. Much appreciated! I hope to have time to visit all of your blogs as well. I have a lot of catching up to do. =)